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Hello Guys!
So this video had to re-loaded due to issues with the quality and a few missing items. Sorry for the confusion!
With that said, we’ve gotten SO many questions regarding our careers, finding jobs, how to interview, etc so we wanted
to start that series with a “Job Hunting” video. We are covering the realistic issues that most experience with finding a job,
updating a resume, making yourself marketable, and so much more. We hope you enjoy and feel free to provide any tips/advice
below for everyone else! Thanks so much for watching!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

+ Sites to Use on the Job Hunt:
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21 thoughts on “Job Hunting Tips | Reloaded

  1. Vikingsandra says:

    A little question on this topic since I'm European and I would love to move to Cali. Picture or no picture on a US resumé? In Europe we always include a picture, but I hear over there it's discouraged. Thoughts?

  2. KiraBKira says:

    This was such a helpful video, thank you! I have been out of school for about two years now, and to be honest have been lost. I wondered why I wasn't moving forward and out of retail and into a job that aligns with my passion. Today I decided to take time and gather research in order to make a game plan and tackle the situation. In my bullet journal I have goals for the number of job fairs I'd like to attend as well as making a note in my bullet journal of a brainstorm of goals for my career and the values that are of most importance. Within all of that I have been listing my strength and weaknesses so I can grow and make those weaknesses new strengths.

    This video helped me to take a step back (and I took many notes!!) and now I will take all my research and start tackling my resume and cover letter once again (and see what else I can do to reach my ultimate goals). Love your videos and I hope you have an amazing day!


  3. Jason Wan says:

    Just found your channel after watching the two parts on moving to NYC video…. My dream is to move to New York after I graduate university and make a new start on life, etc. from Australia… Its gonna be tough, but at least I am prepared for the struggles from the onset, and the urge to move to New York is still there, despite knowing the pains and hassles and struggles, it just acts like a weird sort of motivation for me to do well in the present and save up and enjoy life! Keep up the good work here, a new subscriber of yours too 🙂

  4. Just Krystol says:

    I am a ph.d student studying Educational Psychology and it is STILL hard to find a job. I'm currently in an AmeriCorps program that ends at the end of the month. So, the jobs that I have been applying for are non-profit, research and writing jobs since I have an MFA in Creative Writing. I'm applying for jobs out of state too and nothing yet. Been on a few interviews and have not gotten call backs. It is tough out here.

  5. SpokenHome says:

    +Leezah Smiles THANKS SO MUCH! We just love to help and spread the love. The best gift in our opinion, is the gift of knowledge/education – it sticks with you forever. 😉 (For some reason, YT won't let us reply directly to ya)

  6. Leezah Smiles says:

    It is so amazing that you two have videos to share valuable knowledge!

    Sooo many couples with YouTube channels are all about "Look at us! Focus on us!" and you two are trying to help other people by sharing what you've learned! That is so terrific!!

  7. According to Andrea says:

    I can't tell you how helpful your video is. The whole time I was soaking up all your tips. You are going to help and motivate so many people. I love how relatable you both are. When you offered to make a video over the interview dress attire it seemed as if you all were just helpful friends! I would love to see that video! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hoping the best for you all!

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