How to Make Mock Scrapes for Big Bucks – Deer Hunting It’s October … a magical time for hunting big white-tailed bucks! In this week’s episode of Deer Talk Now, Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks explain how to create mock scrapes to bring deer closer to your stand setups. Learn proven tactics for success and then learn about a new mock scrape scent that automatically dispenses scent even when you’re not hunting.

Deer Talk Now is brought to you this week by Wildgame Innovations. Check out the new Wild Estrus Doe Dripper and Wild Estrus Doe Squirt at

Season 4. Episode 128. Original air date Oct. 14, 2015.

6 thoughts on “How to Make Mock Scrapes for Big Bucks – Deer Hunting

  1. Zachary Garrison says:

    Yeah that wild game innovation squirt doesn't work. It clearly says on the package that it's DRIP FREE!!!! I've had a trial run of it hanging at my house with a cup under it for 2 weeks, and there has not been a single drop fall out of it. I'm sure the scent is good and all but it definitely is not made for hanging over a scrape.

  2. robert francisco says:

    mock scraps work . been using them for years here in NE.PA. set them up were theres good deer activity. good trails or last years scraps that you may fine. you need deer for mock scraps to work. setting up blindly will not work very well. wen you find that spot be sure it has overhead branchs. buy your lure in qt. size bottles male and female. use a dripper that will last all week on 2oz. set a trail camera up and see what deer show up and get an idea of what you will be hunting

  3. James R.P.H. says:

    I will remember this last year I had some bull sht stuff & I was unlucky but I am 100% been studying these techiest Because I have never had the Opportunity too get a Buck as yet thanks Guy's for information.

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