Hunting The Moose | How to Survive The Long Dark

Hunting the moose in The Long Dark is one of the harder, but more rewarding kills to acquire. Before you start your hunt, it is best to keep in mind the moose is not a docile creature like the deer, and will actively attempt to kill you if you attract its ire. Keeping a low profile through stealth and using terrain features to keep you out of harm’s way are the best things you can do to set yourself up for success. Either the bow or the rifle will work well on the moose, but the rifle is probably the better bet for beginners until you get comfortable with longer shots on the bow, or till you reach level five archery and can shoot from the crouched position.

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20 thoughts on “Hunting The Moose | How to Survive The Long Dark

  1. Emerald Dragon says:

    Here is my short story: I was getting home to Trappers Homstead (Mistery Lake) when I saw up a cliff a scratched tree, and that meant a moose. I climbed the tree and yeah there was a moose at the bottom. I look through my weapons and saw this- only one bullet for the rifle and around 50 for my revolver (I didn’t have a bow then) . So I dicided to take on the moose with just my revolver- it trampled me twice and burned through around 30 of my bullets but I managed to kill it. It felt so good afterwards. Also if you want the location for my moose it was north of that cabin in the North-West of the region (with the interior).sorry if I made mistakes while writing I don’t speak English in my country.

  2. Me, myself and I like to be alone. says:

    So I went to the trappers homestead and there was a moose there! I'd been wanting to make a moose hide cloak foe a while, and I had a great idea of how to hunt him without getting hurt. I climbed up a rock that is above the little shack with a dead deer inside and carefully dropped down on top of the shack then shot and killed him from the safety of the roof. It was pretty easy!

  3. Bow Main says:

    Im confident with the rifle for the moose but Im new to the bow and want to take my first moose with one. Where should i start practicing? Would wolves or deer be better to practice on?

  4. Wavy Dre says:

    I got one of these beauties the other day. took 4 rifle shots and a lot of trips for the meat. I put the clip in one of my beat vids if you wanna check it out.

  5. BKNPAC1 says:

    Just thought I would add this…… Moose are scared of fire so if you do not have a safe place you can have a fire built and use it as your safe place. Unlike the wolf though the moose will only flee from a built fire not one you are in the process of building.

  6. Mike Normandy says:

    Hey can you do a video on weight management strictly for clothing? I am having a hard time in my current play through as my stamina bar is about 65% red – I am wearing the bear skin coat AND the wolf skin coat at the same time – also, two pairs of red long johns, insulated boots, two pairs of climbing socks, gauntlets, ear wrap, rabbit skin hat, toque, 2 pairs of snow pants and two fisherman's sweaters – I have the same +52 degree bonus as you – and I see you have the military coat ( I know it's great for protection) but you're stamina bar is only like 10% red – This happens in every playthrough I do – either looted or crafted clothes I am always super heavy with those clothes and it sucks! I am warm as hell (I can sleep anywhere outside on Voyager lol) but want to be able to run for more than 3 secs lol

  7. ShababysBaby says:

    I really like this game but I am I the only one that feels there is something really weird about the scale and height of your character in this game? When you are walking around (not crouched) it looks and feels like you are 12 inches off the ground!? I thought it was just me but if you walk up to certain things in the game (like a mailbox which is typically like chest height, it will eye level or even taller then you. It's weird.

  8. Slavicc Sloth says:

    Who else thinks he should play fallout 4 survival with mods. I can’t use some of the mods I want to use on my Xbox so I watch others but there’s one problem, I don’t like some of the people who play that way and I the Loney should try it because he’s a survival God.

  9. Pest789 says:

    The best way to hunt a moose is to light a fire near it and stay close to the fire. Moose are afraid of fire like wolves and won't attack if you are near one.

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