27 thoughts on “12 Job Hunting Tips – How to have a great first day in your new job

  1. Anon Nymous says:

    I'd add – be prepared to be asked by other staff what job you have come from, and be able to describe it briefly, but in a way that makes you sound smart. It's the one question that new colleagues tend to ask as a way of sussing you out.

  2. Baryl says:

    THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU! I didn't even think about the lunch option. I also didn't think about not talking as much. I'm a natural talker!

  3. Mah Alamiry says:

    Thank you  for sharing of all your informative videos about job interview. I  very appreciate that. I just got the job offer two days ago.  God Bless you and all the people   who share videos like yours. Best Regards.Mohammed

  4. Jen P says:

    I was a trainer for a giant retail..one of the things I suggest is do NOT reveal personal things about yourself so soon. I have trained people who told me they have had drug/alcohol issues in the past and literally after only 30 minutes of training..I say only speak about work issues..things like that are a way for gossip to spread.

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