17 thoughts on “ELK hunting in the Fog Idaho – Limitless 17

  1. An American Patriot says:

    Nice trick with the paracord, good thinking Justin !
    Happy for you , good shooting .
    Way to keep it together
    Do you reload your own cases ?was that head insipiation ?
    If you are shooting belted Magnum cases and you reload This fella named larry willis , a former marine, has a company called " Innovative Technologies" that sells a belted Magnum collet resizing die that covers nearly all belted Magnum brass . after several loadings , and when needed, you can run it through this collet die and it reshapes the case just above the belt back to factory Dimensions . Full length and neck sizing doesn't catch that spot. I can take my Magnum brass (7mag and 300 mag )in same collet die from 4- 6 reloads all the way up to over 20 so far .
    Collet size , anneal, full length size then reload and then after that I next size only again until I need to run them to the collet die again.
    If you shoot Factory ammo then never mind I was just banging my teeth together.
    God bless good hunt glad you both get to enjoy that together.

  2. Idaho 2nd Gens says:

    Nice bull! Congratulations Charlotte. You deserved to get him. I have had case separation before with a 300 Wby magnum, although never on live game. It occurred after about 9-10 rounds of shooting the same cases, even though I was just neck sizing. Neck sizing helps the case last longer but still failure will result if shot too many times. Now I fire form new cases and reload them just for hunting one time. I shoot others at the range for practice, where a failure will not cost me an animal.

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