32 thoughts on “2 Job Hunting Tips – How To Work With Recruitment Agencies

  1. Noisey Thunder says:

    Don't bother with agencies. If you want to work for a company, contact them yourself which reflects your level of initiative. If its contract work, you can always use a payroll company to handle your wages if you're not comfortable doing that yourself.
    Agencies = CV sales reps

  2. Inquisitive Hound says:

    Don't bother with recruitment agencies. Use your nous and initiative by contacting prospective employers yourself.

    Go the the company website, get the contact details such as email address and contact them requesting for the relevant email address to tender your CV.

  3. Joseph Serra says:

    Great bullshit, recruiters are utterly irrespectful, fake, uneducated, the worst kind of low-level brokers parked in a shitty industry, at least in the UK. It's an industry of pricks no other definition is better than this.

  4. Chris Cain says:

    You aren’t here to help, you are there to make money and exploit peoples talent. You are parasites and need to get a real job where you actually do some good to the people around you.

  5. Chris Cain says:

    I’m an electronics engineer and when I create a search for electronics and say Telford and 30 miles distance, full time… I get ‘electrical’, Croydon and 3 month contract…are they just taking the piss?
    I’m sorry but from my experience, recruiters rank the same as bank managers and those sweaty arses like that tit Ken Fisher investments, ‘do you have a 250k portfolio’ …you people make job hunting a totally depressing ordeal, there needs to be a complete shake up in the jobs market. Get some real humans involved.
    Sorry chap but the way you speak just reenforces my opinion and reminds me that the whole modern day work scene is just so self obsessed with the classic rat race, peddling the lies that you need to work at this or that and you have to make a ton of money and bollox to everyone else…then you die!

    Fuck this I’m going to start something new, this rant has given me ideas…

  6. Chris Cain says:

    Recruitment agents are a firewall that prevent people with skills getting to the companies that need them. There is so much bullshit produced by recruitment agents. So many lies promulgated.

  7. Marky Mark says:

    Why social media never say anything bad about work agencies and their practices, wake up people check google they never say a bad word about them – except one or two people putting blogs up about their work experience in warehouses but that's about it "are we living the life of reilly in the western workplace or are we stupid to take in this propaganda".

  8. Joel B says:

    Temp agencies are only required to do one thing: SELL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO A THIRD PARTY. This is how they get paid. They are not going to lift a finger to help you find a job because they don't have to.

  9. Ali the Gamer says:

    I'm excited to register with my local recruitment agency "e response redditch" they have an outstanding reputation and i have full faith they'll find me a suitable job, I'm a hard working loyal employee, I've worked for b & q for eight years in the retail and warehousing industry. I have Wealth of experience that's why I'm confident that my local recruitment agency will help me find a suitable position elsewhere. I'm excited, cant wait 👍 btw your channel is ace keep up the good work and ignore the nay sayers they don't know what they're on about.

  10. Azureecosse says:

    Recruitment agencies are all the same, they employ little go getting kids or arrogant middle aged losers on a sales commission,the females dress like tarts and the males like knuckle dragging or effeminate 1980s stockbrokers and  they are a law unto themselves, they don't help many people only the ones that are high hitters where the pay out from the client is big, they generally have no interest in pedestrian office jobs or the applicants who wish to apply for them. in my 20+ years of dealing with many big named agencies in Scotland I have never enjoyed any experience they are all smiley charmless liars,  have a bad attitude they are staffed by people who haven't a clue or a brain cell between them, I had up to recently been dealing with Reed  in Glasgow & and Hudson in Edinburgh, their emails to me are littered with spelling errors and lies, they will contact you or ( reel you in) with Job vacancies to get you on their books( to impress their boss) then they ignore you. You tell them what you are looking for and they completely ignore your requirements. Employment agencies in the UK need regulating, there are too many off them their motivation is Profit Profit Profit, they don't care about people or have any respect.
     As you have guessed I hate recruitment agencies I class them up there with car salespeople and Double glazing and kitchen sales. Vile people in a vile industry.
    Forgot to add agency employee mostly appear to have chips on their shoulders and are intimidated by people who are assertive and know what they want. I

  11. MrJah173 says:

    Hi, I've recently applied for a recruitment apprenticeship and have been given an appointment for Manpower, to which I hopefully I get the job. Question, I want to make an impact during the interview, what top tips do you have. I currently live in London, if that helps.

  12. KodeBmac says:

    Companies should only use recruitment agencies for foreign workers due to the high chance of them going back home and many women workers being becoming pregnant (mostly Polish) all British citizens should be given full time contracts direct with companies to give them a better chance to live in their own economy !

  13. Roderick McKim says:

    Most recruitment agencies I have had experiences with, don't, respect your time. They only have time for "their clients", who in the end… pay their wages: Not you. But do keep on their good side, because they are now the main hurdle to find work.

  14. Jon Doe says:

    I don't know which RA or types you're referring to. But in my experience, RA, are just horrible. Lots of talking and BS, but never have any one them found me job in ten years.
    You follow up on applications and you get no response. Agents are out of their depth and don't know the subject matter in many cases. How can these inept people be deciding who to fit into positions?

  15. TheRecruitmentGuy says:

    Hi Captain Scarlet…I have run my own agency for 25 years..in all this time I have never been approached to sell data. And to whom…who would want this info. The data protection act prevents it too remember!

  16. iKnappr says:

    Id think twice before joining a recruitment agency again, was great at first, No CV needed, no formal interview just a quick chat filled in some forms and i started the week after. The job itself, a trained monkey could have done but I quickly learnt that many people employed by agencys are foreign (not that theres anything wrong with that but makes communication hard) and many employers treat their agency staff different from ones employed by the actual company. good if you need quick money.

  17. TheRecruitmentGuy says:

    Totally agree with everything you say…the destruction of our manufacturing base was criminal…and yes, a Romanian working here can send money home and earn x 10 re exchange rates!! Good comments, thanks Kirst

  18. TheRecruitmentGuy says:

    Re foreign workers…we employ approx 95% Polish & other Eastern European nationals. They work hard, turn up on time and are respectful. The simple truth is that we advertise for warehouse temps, but the number of UK nationals is minimal. Fact…they'd rather stay on benefit than graft. Lack of pride…shame really

  19. TheRecruitmentGuy says:

    Well, that's an interesting view…the UK government introduced the minimum wage of course…a great thing. Yes, there will always be cowboys in any sector but most agencies work very hard to help their temps find work. We do all our payroll in house, we are fully insured and make no deductions at all other than Tax & NIC. Foreign workers are very dedicated. I think apprenticeships are a brilliant way to go…I invite you to spend a day at my N London office to see how we operate Kirst.

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