Winchester Model 70 Hunting Rifle – Scope Install

Measured Response installs the DNZ Game Reaper one-piece mount and the Vortex Crossfire 4-16×50 Scope onto the Winchester Model 70 in preparation for summer prep for hunting season this fall.

13 thoughts on “Winchester Model 70 Hunting Rifle – Scope Install

  1. Chip Altman says:

    What's sadd is the pre 64 is nothing special at all I own 4 of them the 2 of the 4 is not as accurate as the current ones an the other two are only equivalent to the newer models I e never understood the hipe

  2. John Stansak says:

    DNZ 1 piece mounts are a great product. I have used them on a bolt action rifle and a black powder rifle. I have mounted them on several other rifles as favors to friends. Rings have ALWAYS proved concentric. I would recommend that all holes and fasteners on the action and ring portion of mount be cleaned with a degreaser prior to installation. Also, I would only apply the thread adhesive to the fasteners directly and not to any holes.

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