22 thoughts on “Kayak Duck Hunting

  1. Warren Hicks says:

    I use my kayak quite a bit for hunting, but I use a lot lower profile to keep hidden in minimal cover situations. Could you not drop your frame lower and angle your back board to keep the profile lower? I can hunker down into my kayak and use the seat as a head rest, so it functions like a true layout blind. A couple of tarps and I am hidden perfectly with very low profile. Just a thought. Looks like your setup works pretty good anyway. You can check my videos on Oct 9, 10, and 22 2016 to see how I setup the kayak.

  2. Dale Kildal says:

    Great video & thanks for sharing.  I started to duck hunt (DFW area) from my Pro Angler 14 a couple of years ago and love it.  I have wanted to take a trip to the coast and this video is a great example of why I need to do it.  Thanks again for sharing.   If you have time, please reach out as I would love to share some pic's of my setup and discuss where are some good places to hunt off the coast.

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