EPISODE 117: Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Hunting: Elk101 #1

On this episode of Gritty Bowmen I travel to Boise Idaho and visit with friend, Corey Jacobsen, multiple time world elk calling champion and owner of ELK101–ELK101.com. In this podcast, we have a good time answering elk-hunting questions that new, and old, elk hunters commonly ask. It’s GRITTY stuff.

9 thoughts on “EPISODE 117: Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Hunting: Elk101 #1

  1. ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    If i had not been watching every video i can find – I would have been that 1st timer idiot popping up over a ridge…… Promise guys that i wont try to ruin things for anyone out there this Sept in CO.

  2. Christopher Benfield says:

    Unbelievable Brian!!!! You come to Boise and you don't EVEN send a message so I could stalk you and shake your hand!!!! I thought we were closer than that!!! Great podcast and just kidding abut the stalking.

  3. Bradley G says:

    Great episode, excited to listen to the next one! Like always you covered a lot of good information. On the subject of technology for hunting; I think its good that states DNR's are stepping in to tell hunters what is ethical and legal vs. unethical and illegal. Sure some people will take the personal responsibility on what is ethical, but there are others that won’t. I hunt in Colorado and there are many resources available to hunters to help them plan a successful trip, but even with all the statistics and information available in the Colorado hunting atlas, it still takes effort to hunt elk and is by no means easy. Having to learn about elk or any species that you are hunting and learning their habitats and habits, and putting in the work to find them and then putting boots on the ground and working for the harvest is what makes the experiences all worthwhile.

  4. RJ P says:

    Shed hunting is becoming ridiculous. We've busted at least 9 different (3 of them more than once) people running their dogs on our land looking for sheds. Their thought process is "I'm not trespassing , just my dog; I'm legal…" So like decoy's during hunting season our sheriffs are setting decoy sheds (big browns) on private property that borders public. So stay legal, don't be a turd.

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