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  1. Ste Warby says:

    Was gonna go fishing but fork hit I’m gonna for a mooch instead lol I’ve never had a fork hit with with my jack pyke wrist rocket type catapult but don’t get good accuracy with them but I think they best to learn kids with so they don’t keep hitting the fork or there hands

  2. Wayne Davies says:

    Hi Bro. I'm talking as a guy who was British archery champion in 2003. Because of arthritis i have now taken up catapults and bloody love it. Not having to pull back 70lbs is great relief. What I'm getting at is, what you have just explained about hitting the frame is almost identical to the laws of archery. Think this is why i love it so much. Nice one lad. Excellent advice. Wayne.

  3. David Boyd says:

    I'm virtually destroying a TTF catty and continually get fork hits at the bottom of the cup.
    I'm really trying to figure it out. But I think I'm not holding the frame correctly sometimes.
    But hopefully I will figure it out

  4. nutthrower says:

    I notice your thumb is always on top where when I pull back my thumb rotates to the bottom, any thoughts? I don’t seem to have a problem but am interested in your opinions, thanks

  5. Dark_1210 says:

    I bought a ttf pheonix with pinky hole last year as my first ttf catty. I have shot it quite a few times with no problems with steel balls but i ran out of ammo so i decided to try some other ammo.
    Correct me if i'm wrong but the ttf pheonix has probably one of the smallest fork gaps out the of catty's you sell.
    Anyway i managed to shoot myself in the hand with a stone the other week as my friend distracted me as i was taking a shot and it left a pretty good hole in the top of my hand.
    Totally my fault as i had had a few beers, the stone was probably to large, and i took my eyes off the shot when distracted.
    As long as took my time on my shots i hardly even got many fork hits and when i did it was alway's when i rushed the shot slightly
    John i have had alot of fun skimming stones and mint imperials across a local river even being able to get near targets on the other side after skimming the ammo across the water.
    Have tried you ever tried to skim with a catty its alot of fun and im sure you could actually hit a target that way with your skills

  6. Whitefeather slinger says:

    grt vid pal 👌its rastablunt here 🍀🍀 d irish one lol,,tats the webby we know ,shootins kushty man👀👌ive ashcup growing in the gerdem pal lol ,ive actually kept tem for my group members ,would u mind if I shared yur vid LOTS o newbies and joungins there yur advice will defo show tem to explore not just search bushes for game it ,get temout there in tje fresh air and showctem how they can make a beaut ,some nattys are the dearest

  7. Matt Waldman says:

    Great forks John, I’ve been out scouting branches, quite a few live oaks come down in a wet storm, I’ve found four out of that lot.
    Great tips, if you just 90 up on everything like you’ve said, no hits. Or no huge weird rocks, my now, ex wife mangled her hand 😊with a big rock with a TTF I made.
    I just had bicep tendon reattached, weak left (catapult hand) arm, will one band reduce my accuracy when I restart shooting, soon…

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