Deer Hunting: 19 Point Buck! What a Story! (#366)

Deer hunting the top buck for the team: In this deer hunt, Grant set out with a mission to tag Handy, the buck that was at the top of the 2016 hit list. Watch this video to see the story of Handy and the final hunt unfold. It’s a great story with lots of lessons learned while hunting this buck of a lifetime! After the video, check us out on social media: google +, instagram, facebook, and pinterest!

Hunting Products used n this video with links to learn more:
Reconyx scouting cameras:
Drake Non-Typical Clothing:
Bloodsport EVIDENCE arrows:
Nikon hunting optics:
Redneck blinds:
Caldwell’s DeadShot FieldPod:
Winchester Deer Season XP:
Yamaha Side-By-Sides:

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