22 thoughts on “Iowa deer hunting, bow hunting, monster whitetail, big buck down wind

  1. pfalky2k says:

    I've only target shot. 50yd I can make gold, but I can just as easy hit blue or black. & seemingly at random, as yet. personally, I wouldn't trust a 50 yd shot til I can bang 6 arrows at least in the 9-ring. 30-40yds, I'm pretty fekn deadly though – saying that, only at a 10-ring target lol (bowhunting is strictly illegal in the UK. plus, I would only hunt if I could no longer buy meat from the store/butcher. killing is a necessity thing with me. not simply because I can & never for "fun".)
    I hope you guys put that yearling doe out of her misery at the end of the vid.

  2. skater96x says:

    hi im new to hunting and shooting guns went shooting with my friend its really fun this winter plan to go hunting with my uncle in texas but when i grow up and 21 im go hunting would a 30-06 be a good beginner hunting gun i'm buy a ruger 10/22 for shooting/target hitting cuz i new but i need tips on accuracy and hunting if i can get sum feed back that would help

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