.243 reloading: Blaser R93 Professional deer hunting rifle. Elaboracja amunicji myśliwskiej.

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https://www.patreon.com/roestalker This is another of my reloading videos, this time for my latest Blaser R93
deer hunting rifle in .243 caliber. So far I used the Blaser with factory
100gr Remington ammunition and it was ok, but to cut down costs and
improve accuracy I decided to start load development.

I got some once fired brass from my previous .243 rifle – Krico. (See my
review of the Krico rifle here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnhuNWhDOpU) And the cases were full sized using
Foster reloading dies. Blaser rifles generally require FL sizing every
time, or at least “bumping” back shoulders otherwise with only neck sizing
the rifle may missfire. As this is my hunting rifle I dont want to
experience that when deer stalking… So I generally full size the brass
every time.

As I still have some 100 grain .243 ammo I chose 87gr as it suits 1:10
twist barrels better and it would be ideal roe deer hunting load.
Initially I was going to go for some typical soft point bullet, but a
friend recommended me Hornady 87gr V-Max. I was not convinced as it is
generally varminting bullet, but he shot hundreds of roe deer with it so I
had no reason not to trust him.

I already use Vihtavuori N140 powder for my .308 reloading so if I could
use the same powder for .243 it would save me buying a new tub. I looked
up Vihtavuori and Lapua website for starting and maximum load and
developed 5 different loads with the same COAL.

I went to the range and fired all 20 rounds (5 loads, 4 rounds each).
Generally it was not my best shooting ever and I got a few fliers, but I
managed to get a load below 0.5″. I knew I pulled one shot of the 4th
group and later on loaded a few more rounds and they all were about half
inch groups. No need to play with a seating depth as I was happy with the
load anyway.

As I need 100gr load for large deer in Scotland an dI will develop another
100 grain load later on, but at the moment I am quite happy with Hornady
87gr performance.

This video is not really a reloading guide from start to finish, but I
already uploaded several video tutorials about reloading and load
development so click on the link below to see them. I show all the
equipment needed to start reloading ammunition, in fact my video about Lee
Classic Loader shows how cheaply with minimum tools reloads super accurate
rifle ammunition.

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23 thoughts on “.243 reloading: Blaser R93 Professional deer hunting rifle. Elaboracja amunicji myśliwskiej.

  1. MTCole says:

    I have had excellent results with a Remington 700 243 Win. on Whitetail deer here in Montana, US. I have always shot handloaded 95gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. Have you ever used any other bullets on deer there? What kind of results have you experienced with the 87gr Vmax's on game?

  2. cowens00able says:

    I been shooting deer with a 243 for 30 years, Remington, savage model 10 now, reloading for 35 years, neck shoot everything up to 300 yards, fixed 6x scope. with a shooting stick, currently using 87 g Berger, I tweek my own guns, also started using Lapua brass several years ago with my 6.5 Lapua now use their brass in 222,223,22-250 243, 6.5 it's worth every penny

  3. Blaser R8 says:

    Roestalker… I have the opportunity to purchase a Blaser R93 hunter in 308 second hand, how do you find yours and do you think it's a good 308 to have or a bit noisy to make ready??

  4. RoeStalker says:

    Firstly I check maximum OAL, just lightly neck size brass so the bullet fits loosely and close the bolt carefully, then measure to get seating depth when bullet is touching rifling. Good to repeat that several times and get average. I never had much luck seating bullets close to lands so I just seat so the bottom of the bullet is aligned with neck/shoulder junction.

  5. IcabodCrane says:

    You use the 87 grain V-max on deer? I've been a little weary of using some of the lighter weight .243's on larger game (mostly due to the illogical fear of all the old wive's tales I've heard) since most are generally made for varmints…but if the 87 grain V-max works then I'd imagine the solid copper 69-75 grain GS bullets would probably exhibit stellar results since they have no core to separate from or fragment off of.

  6. thesheepman220 says:

    nice to see someone using basic reloading gear, I have used those 87 vmax myself hard hitting and they buck the wind well as with myself I always fl resize and only crimp for my 30/30 as its for my level gun

  7. RoeStalker says:

    I never crimp. You need at least bump back shoulders otherwise your rounds may miss fire, so I just FL size all cases The bolt could close, but not completely that is the reason I believe.

  8. Miguel Angel Raistlin says:

    Nice video, Greg.
    Only a couple of questions…:
    -You don't crimp that rounds ??
    -Why you resize all length case and not only neck for your Blaser rifle ??
    Thanks !! I need to know it beause i'm searching for a second hand Balser rifle 🙂

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