Tips for Apartment Hunting in DC | Jessica Blut

Today I’m sharing my tips for apartment hunting in DC. Here’s everything you need to know to find an apartment in Washington, DC!

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Best Apps for DC Apartment Hunting:
Hotpads –
Trulia Rentals –,DC/

Biggest Property Management Companies in DC:
WC Smith

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20 thoughts on “Tips for Apartment Hunting in DC | Jessica Blut

  1. JovialJessi says:

    Hi! Your video was so helpful :). I was wondering about how long the moving process takes. Like, once you sign your lease, about how long do you have before you should move in? I am relocating from teaching in China to DC for graduate school, but I'm afraid I won't have enough time to move before school starts.

  2. Youtoob celery jason genova says:

    I'll be moving here in the summer for work. I'm nervous as hell as while i moved out from home, living on a dorm 1 hour away from home with college roommates isn't like moving hours away to a new city on your own.
    Excited for the fresh change. Ended a relationship which is kinda shitty but I want to be completely free and experience everything D.C has to offer. I know it's the right move, and your videos help so much. I owe ya. Once I'm down here, I'll have to buy you a drink sometime ;p

  3. TotalsMakeup says:

    Is there a time of year that is more expensive than other times of year? For instance where I live the mid-late summer is the most expensive time, but early spring is the cheapest time.

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