Duck Hunting 2017 : First All Drake Limit!

On this duck hunt I had an experience to remember. I knew where the mallards wanted to be and setup on them and the waterfowl hunt that played out was spectacular. This is truly the pinnacle of Virginia public land duck hunting and I am very lucky to have got to experience it. I shot my first 5 birds in 8 minutes and ended up spending the next hour looking for one mallard that almost got away from me. I finally found him and resumed hunting, but the birds were few and far between then and I ended up stalking a pair of mallards that had landed just outside my decoys. I ended the day with 4 Mallard drakes and 2 Wood Duck drakes to make up my first ever all drake limit.

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28 thoughts on “Duck Hunting 2017 : First All Drake Limit!

  1. Harrison Thrasher says:

    Dude are you serious? 100 yards from the roost? never hunt that close to a roost. You will ruin those birds for yourself and other hunters. Shooting that close to a roost will bust them out of there.

  2. Matthew Wigton says:

    Hey great video. It’s rough losing that many birds. I know the improved cylinder is nice for up close birds but you lost too many. If I were you I would keep the modified choke in to keep from losing so many birds. I keep a mod for full choke in no matter what I am doing to keep from losing birds. Great video good luck

  3. Outdoor Central says:

    Dude, I've been watching your vids for a while and I love the channel. We (in South Carolina) have very few mallards and blacks and we kill a good many of them but we have ponds that we just plant to hold them, because the idiots around here don't know how to manage ducks lol. Anyway, keep it up man. Hope to see some good vids this yr

  4. Somewhere In Wisconsin says:

    This was a great hunt man. A dog would have been nice in that kind of terrain. Not only would you have gotten your ducks sooner, but you would have gotten your limit sooner and educated less ducks. But, I don't have a dog either, lol, so I know how that goes. Great hunt man!

  5. Brickey Bros Outdoors says:

    And btw, just a little tip for calling. Look up the art of commanding ducks by duck commander. It’s a really good video to watch. I learned a lot off of it. And your woodie call sounds really good!!👍🏻

  6. Brickey Bros Outdoors says:

    Virginia Outdoors unlimited, great vid!!! I love all of them. It’s a lot of work to get out there in the Marsh ain’t it?? Lol always woodies and mallards to be found where there’s good timber. There’s nothing like a good woodie swat….. gotta love mallards too👍🏻

  7. Jared Davis Outdoors says:

    Nice video man!!! When you’re on the “x” no need to call a whole lot!! Got to love the fact that you’re on public ground and don’t have 5 other groups of guys setting up on you at shooting light 😂🙌🏼

  8. wack em and stack em outdoors says:

    Try shooting different shells I noticed they are Remington I hate those in my opinion I like the Winchester extremes 3in 2's kills em good at 40 yards with modified choke. Good for you on being an ethical Hunter and picking your shots not taking far shots good hunt!

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