Eidolon Hunter Harrow: Build, Tips & Loadouts for Eidolon Hunting


So here’s a detailed guide on how to play harrow in eidolon hunting. All the setup, loadouts, builds and strategies on how to be an effective harrow in the eidolon hunt is on the video above.



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About Warframe:

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

It’s latest update is called Plains of Eidolon, an expansive, open Landscape located on Earth. In the shadow of an Orokin Tower lies an ancient battlefield, where the Orokin and the Sentient Eidolon fought during the Old War. The Grineer have set up numerous outposts and bases to study the ruins in the area, observing and patrolling the plains for any threat to their operations.

33 thoughts on “Eidolon Hunter Harrow: Build, Tips & Loadouts for Eidolon Hunting

  1. Kevin Grandke says:

    I just started using Harrow for the hunts, have been using Inaros, Nidus, Rhino and Oberon before, oh and Chroma. Harrow for me is easier for me to play and buff the team and keeping them alive.

  2. John Bull says:

    Many thanks for the guide. After struggling in pubs with Trinity and more often than not failing to kill all 3, usually because of low dps, I switched to Harrow and followed your guide. Today I completed my first double tridolon and with a pub group of just 3 of us. What Harrow brings to dps is insane when done right, those fricking eidolons melt.

  3. Derethevil says:

    If you are really more competent in tridolon hunts you know your tricks. Here is mine. Go for a normal build on Harrow. You can even go for duration which even improves the gameplay.
    "But if you go for duration, you miss the energy spikes often."
    If you know your tricks like i do, you just cancel the buff with your Archwing. Like that you instantly can recast Covenant before energy spike triggers. And you can even get a use out of the crit buff afterwards.

    Be a better Harrow. Don't just use your Covenant, also buff weapon speed with your 2. I always push my 2 if i see my shields are full to build up more and more time on it. That way you can down the Eidolons even faster. I even got to a point by now where i do 3 things at once. Buff the team, take care of the energy spike and do the most damage often on the parts if the Rhino/Chroma is unable to do so for whatever reason.

  4. Daniel Ball says:

    Harrow isn’t required for this, you can use a rhino and a chroma with volt and trinity or Limbo the trin uses an arcane for the mag wave and boom easy capture

  5. Saca U Noob says:

    Another good hint for harrows is a mostly overlooked feature which is the Affinity Flares, sometimes we need more lures half way through a hunt and we pop a flare and send harrow to do it, since covenant is affected by affinity range and the flare extends that, Harrow can cast convenant from very far with the help of proper callouts. Me and my squad hunt 3 Hydrolists + 1 Teralyst which is as fast as it gets for consoles (loading screens).

    PS.: Works for trinity too.

  6. Rob M says:

    Awesome vid yet again, very accurate! But seems like some are confused.
    The main difference between whether or not 95% or ~122% will work for your squads synergy is how quickly your squad takes down the shield phases.
    My squad with use of void strike, like he said in the vid, can 1-2 shot the shield and pop the limb immediately after.
    With that in mind, 122% is too long to recast due to the retaliation timer(15-17secs) after 7sec invincibility phase. That is why ~5.7 secs(95ish duration) is ideal giving you access to recast before the next spike waves hit your squad. And I mean down to the second usually.
    Just paraphrasing as it’s hard to understand if ur squad still takes a bit of time to take the shields down as mine did until recently.

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