My new hunting rifle the Hell's Canyon Speed Xbolt (SE 3 EP 5 2018)

Here is my new hunting rifle. It’s the Hell’s Canyon Speed Xbolt. Man, I couldn’t be more happy with this rifle. I put a Leupold Scope on this thing and it is awesome.
Moose hunt video:

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38 thoughts on “My new hunting rifle the Hell's Canyon Speed Xbolt (SE 3 EP 5 2018)

  1. Andrew aj Kalls says:

    sick gun I've bin looking at the 300 winmag version of this gun . The pro is also nice as well with a slittly different bolt and a nice muzzle break. how is the overall weight of the gun?

  2. Zach Cooper says:

    Very nice setup. I have been looking At the exact same rifle. And potentially at getting a similar scope. How are you liking your set up one year on? How is the rifle holding up? Do you find it accurate? Durable? I am dying to know!

  3. joe cucch says:

    That's a nice shooting iron you have there and 30-06 is the best all around caliber bar none. I keep feeding my palmetto armory AR 10 vitamins to see if that .308 might grow up some. But yeah .308 works good for me. Anyway it goes well with my AR 15 and my AR 5.
    Ok so I got a thing for AR's…doesn't everybody ?

  4. Drag Racing and Hot Rodding with George says:

    Nice rifle I like it you can not go wrong with that caliber you can find ammo for it at any sporting goods store and it will take down anything. you need to give it a name I name all my firearms I have hunted with a 7mm magnum for twenty five years I call it Jerry Lee Lewis ( the killer) good luck on the hunt. what type of deer do you have in Alaska.

  5. hamdog says:

    I've got the x-bolt hunter in .270 win. I love that thing! Are there any differneces between mine and yours other than the finish and stock?

  6. lastfanstanding999 says:

    i would've liked to watch the interview with your locals, ya know the old fella,
    i like your rifle, 3006 great all around, the 338 is a long range high mountain 12 lbs loaded, ammo aint cheap either !!!
    i keep it simple with a 3006 or 300 and its great to keep a 308 around too,
    i may buy a Lapua 338 some day or actually id rather have the Ruger Hawkeye 300,
    not sure i need one though their both long and heavy for thick trees and brush hiking, just my opinion,
    i guess that we own so many guns and rifles for whatever occasion,
    some people like collecting purses and shoes lol 😀

  7. Charles Gandee says:

    Hey brother ,hello from Ohio .Been doing a ton of research on that fine rifle you got there.Im deer hunting next week in wv with my new Kimber classic .257 Roberts.But that Browning is a real interesting rifle. I’m looking at a 6mm Creedmore. One of the first rifles I found chambered for this 6 mm round was the Browning . When I started doing my research it sounded like it was to good to be true . So The very Rifle you bought is in the works as we speak. Great to hear you love yours . By the way I’ve been hunting for the last 11 years with an 06. 168 grain Burger VLD is medicine for in my opinion potent enough for about anything on this side of the world !!

  8. sschertell says:

    Hey brother, i like the video, beautiful rifle. I've been doing a lot of research on my next rifle, and I've decided this will be it. Thanks for your 2 cents. I look forward to more videos from you. Take care.

  9. MrYrgas says:

    Xbolt is one great rifle. My personal preference is that the stock outshines tikka t3x's by I mile. I bought a tikka t3x in 3006 because of the price I got on it. Great review thnx.

  10. Jon Cavallo says:

    I'm thinking of buying the same gun this Fall for Wyoming Mule Deer and Elk. What factory loads have you shot through it, and how accurate was the gun? Also Congratulations, looks like a great setup!

  11. fishgrass apps says:

    Nice setup! I own 1 30-06, an A-bolt. It is responsible for more animals harvested than all of my 5 other guns combined. Probably 15 deer, 4 or 5 elk, 2 moose and an antelope. HOWEVER, I am looking at something new, perhaps an X-Bolt Pro Long Range or X-Bolt Hell's Canyon Long Range. Or, maybe I just bite the bullet and go fully custom. Still deciding between .300 Win Mag, 28 or 30 Nosler or even .300 WSM, which has been my "goto" cartridge the past 6 or 7 years. Anybody want to buy an RMEF edition Remington 700 .300 RUM?

  12. Tac Man says:

    Nice rifle my friend. Any issues with the mag? The reason I ask is I have an xbolt hunter in .308 Win which is a phenomenal shooter but when shooting off a concrete bench with a bipod it sometimes will not feed correctly. Doesn't happen when shooting of sticks or free hand or prone. Wondering if it is just my rifle or a mag design issue. Thanks for the video.

  13. Gearsofchocolate says:

    Sweet looking rig! 30-06 is an amazing cartridge. I have a Remington model 700 CDL chambered in that round. Love it to death. Lately though, I have been really wanting another rifle and these hells canyons have got my eye. I see browning has them in a 7mm-08. That’s the next caliber I’d like to get my hands on.

  14. Rick Sanchez C137 says:

    Hey brother, why did you go so far for the moose? No areas anywhere in the SW that are good for moose or just not enough tags for those zones?

    Rifle looks nice, I do love cerakote and duracoat and all the good modern coverings that keep tools and toys from rusting….

    Yeah, it is funny that everyone can see the camera and still don’t know what is going on….

    If I asked about it in the other video, than sorry about the repeat.

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