41 thoughts on “Metal detecting a small creek and some tips for hunting it

  1. Ашот Гогавич says:

    Assembly took only 5 minutes and the owners manual is very easy to understand. I simply went into my back yard and dug up 11 cents in no time!>>>ur2.pl/1211 I also found some scraps of metal and a few nails laying around. I live in an area which is rich in Civil War history and I am looking forward to doing some more prospecting.

  2. Arduous Ant says:

    This is an awesome video 😀 Im definatly subbing, i will try to visit your channel regularly from now on 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!! 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

  3. Rusty Halo Metal Detecting TM says:

    Question for you…this is a creek where you live, but it's much different than the creeks where I'm from. Should I be looking for bed rock, or just old home places like fords, swimming holes, and home places? There's plenty of water around here, I think I've found an old well in my back yard even! Thanks for the tips, HH!

  4. IFCJ- SUPPORTER says:

    just curious what kind of detector were you using. i am looking to buy myself a good one and need some helpful advice for a person that has never bought one. i am near retiring and have had the metal detector bug for several years and now after watching you guys i am  fired up ready to get going with it. i live in a very old area where there are a few really old school houses and lots of old country buildings that have been abandoned and i want my chance at it.. i know where they are. i keep seeing the name Garrett and White. my uncle has 5 or 6 White models and i see people using Garrett as well. dont know which are better.. im sure its apples and oranges when it comes to the two.. any advice would surely be great.. can ui get started out spending around 1000 bucks.. i haven't a clue as to what is good or best.. help/ Thanks/./

  5. The Ps3 Gamer Melton Mowbray says:

    if you find silver and it is tarnished and black i have a tip for you to clean it in stead of paying out big buck`s  try this ( cigarette ash ) just get a tissue paper damp it rud it in the ash and then clean your silver with it . then leave for 5 min`s then wipe it off  with a clean cloth .

  6. JUDAS8181 says:

    lol good one , well im still living there so……but I was hoping for more like the name of one of the 50 states in the usa ! as being the state you where from

  7. American Coin Shooter says:

    For silver I use baking soda (we have a video on that). For other objects like copper or brass you could use Brasso. Personally I only use a soft copper brush or toothbrush on non-silver objects that I will keep. All my clad goes into a tumbler for cleaning.

  8. American Coin Shooter says:

    Yes, there's a higher concentration near the fishing hole, however, there's still quite a bit down stream. Even though the coins are flat, it actually makes it easier for them to tumble because the water pressure will lift them and the current will catch the edges. However, once they get stuck in a crack, they're usually not going anywhere. Alot like gold flakes.

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