LONGVIEW: Deer Hunting With Jesus

Much has been said about white working-class voters. But those who’ve been doing all the talking are pollsters and political operatives. As part of our Long View series, ANP traveled to rural Virginia to talk to someone who’s lived the life and knows from personal experience what those voters are thinking — author Joe Bageant. His highly-acclaimed recent book, Deer Hunting With Jesus, was lauded by one reviewer as a “raging, hilarious, and profane love song to the great American redneck.” In addition to being that, it’s also one of the most prescient pieces of analysis about American politics and culture in this election year.

21 thoughts on “LONGVIEW: Deer Hunting With Jesus

  1. eyescandeceive says:

    JCJ77 you are SO WRONG.  The book is not cartoonish–the author loves those people because they ARE his people.  he presented them in a very sympathetic way.  what's wrong with "not believing another man owes me anything" is that there IS such a thing as the common good, and, sadly, the "Deer Hunting with Jesus" demographic keeps voting against their own self interest and against the common good of the country and the world.

  2. Beyond Lizard Brain says:

    Joe Bageant effectively bridges the gap between progressives who are all about changing the world and the Tea Party who know something is terribly wrong but just can't seem to shoot straight because they are carrying the water for the perpetrators of the mess. Read his book.

  3. Carol Crown says:

    How true Mr. Bageant is about the Democrat party who used to stand shoulder to shoulder on the front lines with the working people. Fast foreword to today when Obama SAYS he will put on his comfortable shoes to stand with the union people under attack and never so much as show up in a pair of his shoes that would cost these average people a years salary or so. Really Obama we don't care what shoes you show up in, just show up, damn it! RIP wonderful, loving, brilliant Joe!

  4. TheNuszAbides says:

    i only recall the reference from The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, including a specific name of a friend or colleague – can't remember whether he cited anything else along with it.

  5. airforcemax says:

    Who actually benefit from outsourcing jobs to other countries? Why are Americans not communicating to protest to expose who is actually internally destroying the US financially?

  6. JejuLee says:

    It would be nice to think that America is still largely composed of men and women like Joe, people like my father and grandfather. Where did everything go so wrong? I always assumed honest and fair was the predominant mindset; perhaps it truly still is. We just need to "end" Wall Street and its employees over at the Capitol Building so that we can refocus on the good People that still comprise the country. How ironic: Had Al Qaeda hit the Capitol building during a SOTU, America would be saved!

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