Midwest Whitetail | Cold Fronts for Great Deer Hunting

When cold fronts sweep across the country and the temperature starts to drop in October, it is a great time to be deer hunting. Bucks become much more active during these weather conditions, and Luke Nissen made the most of a cold front deer hunt by shooting a giant buck in southern Iowa.

13 thoughts on “Midwest Whitetail | Cold Fronts for Great Deer Hunting

  1. Joe K. Eades II says:

    Great hunt! Very realistic….. A little to much talking in the beginning for my personal taste. However I know you have to set the stage. Hunters want to see hunts not a video of people talking. Shorten the talking and your hunts will be perfect….

  2. Jesse Gullet says:

    Is it worth trying to find a giant on private ground and get permission ? Or look for a giant on public land ? Couldn't hurt to try lol hopefully a giant will show up late season !! Good luck

  3. shadowdawg04 says:

    Very nice buck, you guys give yourselves way to much credit. That buck wasn't looking up into any of the tress as he was coming out into the fields – you did something, made noise, whatever – and are just lucky he stayed that close … that's not skill at all. Nice to have some luck, but don't confuse it for anything more.

  4. Anthony Xiong says:

    i really enjoy the show, you guys do amazing work. I was just wondering if in the future you guys could add subtitles to when you guys are whispering in the tree? it's hard to understand what the guys are saying sometimes, but overall, really awesome show.

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