48 thoughts on “Wood Duck Hunt: Excellent!

  1. Daywalkerbmz1188 says:

    They also eat the small, hard native pecans when they come to texas. Opened up the gizzards when cleaning and that is pretty much all they are feeding on. Makes them taste great. Best eating duck that i have tried.

  2. Tom Gumersell says:

    Nice video when you have a location that draws in wood duck's their is nothing better. One little error you made when describing the, " Acorns " in the " Gizzard " . The area in question where all ducks store their food prior to digestion is called the " Crop ". Once the food passes beyond the crop it then enters the gizzard " stomach " Crop is the thin sack like membrane found in duck, goose necks. Actually in all birds it can accommodate quite a large amount of food. Birds also pick up small pebbles which pass into the gizzard and aid in digestion.

  3. Z Smith says:

    One of the best things I've ever heard a fellow duck hunter say "That's Ok. It's not all about shootin and killin." Thanks for sharing this video.

  4. Gary Elderman says:

    Will wood ducks avoid mallard decoys? I hunt a small creek near home and put out just a couple of mallard deoys. The wood ducks just keep on flying. I am usually lucky enough to jump shoot one. Do wood ducks decoy at all?

  5. Mukesh Vaviya says:

    Things like this help to make Youtube incredible. They consistently cause me to laugh. HOWEVER a large number of pet owners are slowly but surely KILLING their pet dogs. The shit companies put into pet food triggers cancer and tends to make pet dogs pass away early.. To save your dog’s life you ought to pay attention to Double Life Dog Diet (Google it.)

  6. bamaral44 says:

    Why do you have to shoot the ducks? Can't you just look at them? Wood ducks are beautiful, and you clearly admire them. But they're not beautiful when they're dead.

  7. natka xupenia says:

    Great video must be said, but I think would be much better if you show your guns, give a little explanation – what chokes used and etc. It may help to young hunters.. Thanks.

  8. SG03 says:

    its noot ethical becuase it doesn't give a duck much of a chance and i have only a few people use a 10 gauge and if anything they do worse with it

  9. ed sitton says:

    What's not ethical about "water swattin'". It seems to me that the person who will let a duck COMPLETELY work and light on the water is much more ethical than the mindless hordes of nimrods who think they need 10 guages and bismuth to kill waterfowl because they shoot at every little black dot in the sky, cripple more than they kill cleanly, and lose 2 or 3 ducks/day. The high percentage shot is the payoff for a job well done…..completely fooling the duck.

  10. Ultra Sabers says:

    I love ducks. I could never bring myself to shoot them, but I fully understand the role hunters play in conservation and I am glad there are hunters like you that can do the job.

  11. Logan Burtenshaw says:

    Nice vide. I love how you didn't shoot those first drakes. That takes great sportsmanship!!!! I would have shot right away. I also love how u say "its not about shooting and killing.' THat is very true. Hunting is all about getting out of the house all alone and clearing your mind. HUnting soothes the soul. Again, nice video, and thank you.

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