Deer Hunting and Habitat | Strategic Changes for Better Deer Hunting (#398)

The Team is creating a beautiful savanna for deer hunting with step by step “how to” on selecting timber for TSI. (0:00:01 – 0:10:22) Then see the first steps of our strategy to tag one of the top hit list bucks on The Proving Grounds. (0:10:23 – 0:13:59) Finally, solving the mystery of a dead fawn. (0:14:00 – 0:17:08) Hunting and habitat improvement products shown in this video:
Danner boots,
Reconyx scouting cameras,
Flatwood Natives habitat solutions,
More detail on the Hack and Squirt technique,
Click for Howes. Buy Meaner Power Kleaner,
BONEVIEW trail camera reader,
Redneck blinds. American made, built to last,

39 thoughts on “Deer Hunting and Habitat | Strategic Changes for Better Deer Hunting (#398)

  1. ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    When you look at all 4 of them dogs , they have a similar look to what wild dogs evolve into.. Those there have that Coyote/Cur look.. Wild dogs in the South like in TX/NM/AZ sort of look like Healer/Coyote crosses… They even start looking like what they have in Australia – that are starting to resemble the Dingo (which was a wild dog to begin with) but it is now endangered due to domestic dogs taking over.. Also in or around large cities – The physical form of the wild dogs start transforming too…. The future of the Modern Coyote ?

  2. Offgrid Whitetails says:

    I have an outfitting company called Offgrid Whitetails located in Southeast Oklahoma. We run close to 6,000 acres. Property has not been legally hunted in 25 years before we took over. Tons of bucks in the 150-160" range with some pushing 170's easy. We also have a ton of black bears. We do have black bear season only in the fall which we starting this year will run 10 hunts to try and help the population. I noticed you ruled out bear on the taking of the fawn in this episode. I assume that means y'all have bear at the proven grounds? If so. How in the world do y'all get pictures and hunt deer before the bears make their way to den? Around our place that takes place in or around late October to first of November. We cannot get any deer activity after they loose all velvet until the bears are gone. I have not witnessed any sign of threats from the bears towards deer yet but they sure do not wish to come in where they have been.
    Also would you guys be willing to trade some knowledge for trophy hunts on our properties. No labor other than driving around making sure I am on the right track. I would be willing to trade out if y'all are. I would also be ok in off season for you to do some training here for your students. Being untouched for so many years would be a great place to teach. You can email me at
    Greta show guys. Keep up the good work.

  3. Eli Chalmers says:

    Daniel thanks for the reply as soon as we get footage I'll send it in I'm hoping to take a buck we have been chasing for three years named bubba if I harvest him u will see why we call him bubba

  4. RyDaddy says:

    Is Hack-n-Squirt still useful if you want to use the timber? Grant talks about how, in 3 years or so, the tree will gradually fall on its own from rotting, but what if after 1 year you want to come back and take the dead trees for firewood? We use an outdoor wood burner for all the accessory buildings on the farm, so we don't leave dead trees to simply rot away unless they are a really, really junk, soft wood.

  5. Eli Chalmers says:

    in addition to not taking bucks under 4 yrs and trying to shoot doe during bow season we have a couple plots of broadside and beans and a huge bedding sanctuary we are going to be filming this year and can't wait to share videos with u and others to show you how we manage our Vermont herd thanks

  6. Eli Chalmers says:

    hi Grant me and my oldest boy watch ur show as often as we can we are very excited to reap the rewards of managing our property the little bucks from last year seem to have better racks on velvet so far and all the deer are looking very healthy we r so excited to hunt this fall thanks for all ur tips and ideas for managing deer habitats

  7. Terry Porche says:

    Not hard to keep dogs off your lease. Shoot them, biggest problem is having to dig a hole. I love dogs, but not on a deer lease. You will never keep big bucks on it.

  8. Jeff Brooks says:

    It's getting me excited for deer season! The dog problem and my take on it which some people might not like, but your responsible for your dogs so take the appropriate measures to keep them home or suffer the consequences for their actions whether it be payment for damages and loss or them being taken to the pound or what ever. Just be responsible owners.

  9. Redneck Nick Redneck Nick says:

    during turkey season me and my father were stalked and attacked by 7 seven dogs . good thing we had a fire arm to scare em away. they always chase deer during deer season at my bollinger county property. i have 5 different wild packs on trail camms

  10. Mike Baker says:

    I have a domestic dog problem on my property (63 Ac. Indiana). Three dogs at one time on my trail camera. This spring I too found a fawn dead w/broken back leg otherwise healthy looking, not eaten on. I just bought the land last fall and saw and heard dogs running deer on my place wearing no tags. It's 2 hrs from my home, I'm only there on hit and miss weekends to mow and do improvements. Two full time resident neighbors close to me, they are not their dogs. Other neighbors are at least 1/2 to 3/4 miles away. I don't know if they have dogs or not, I have not met them. What do you suggest I do? I know my property will never be all that it can be with the dogs running deer on and off it all the time. I'm sure big bucks and all deer will not tolerate being disturbed constantly. HELP!

  11. Andrew Branham says:

    I am not sure if you already have something available on this..but I would find it very beneficial if you had a video or article showing examples of different trees and thier pros and cons for deer growth. As in this is a White Oak, here are the leaves, the bark looks like this, etc…

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