6 thoughts on “NJ Duck Hunting: South Jersey Salt marsh 12.7.13

  1. PhilJr says:

    Love it man and I know exactly the spots you hunted!

    Crazy us south jersey marsh hunters can tell one weeded area from the next but we do!

    My family had the big duck shack out there for decades. If you hunted the 80's and 90's you knew my family and friends we had about 12 guys that hunted every year.

    I miss it.

    RIP duck shack on goose cove!

  2. CFalicon says:

    I have a mac so I use Final Cut Pro, you could also achieve similar results with iMovie.  The big thing to help make GoPro videos not look as 'GoPro' is to use pan and zoom effects to add movement to the shot and to crop the image.

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