Idaho Elk Hunting | Mountain View Elk

Keith Warren heads to the mountains of Idaho this week as he tries for a bull elk in some of the most scenic country around.

Featured Outfitter: Inner Circle Hunts International — Matt Yablonski — 570-499-1598 —

12 thoughts on “Idaho Elk Hunting | Mountain View Elk

  1. Tom McCauley says:

    Mountain View Elk Ranch is a high fence contained facility.  As soon as I googled this place and leaned that, I stopped watching the video- cannot support fishing with dynamite in any way.

  2. Jimmy Haley says:

    try that with a 9mm,,,or .223,,,thats why the military needs to make their people go to the .45 or .308,,,bigger is better,,and learn to shoot with open sights,,batterys will go out

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