Canada In The Rough: Trophy Elk Hunting in Alberta Canada with Lost Guide Outfitters

For more elk hunting in Alberta, Canada visit Alberta Outdoors, Join Jerry Sampson & Taylor Wright with Canada in the Rough ( on their rocky mountain elk hunt with Lost Guide Outfitters.

Lost Guide Outfitters offers trophy elk hunts in the majestic Rocky Mountains. For more information visit their website at:

19 thoughts on “Canada In The Rough: Trophy Elk Hunting in Alberta Canada with Lost Guide Outfitters

  1. Thomas ferris says:

    Alberta has got the most speicies in North America
    black bear, moose, grizzly bear,mountain goat, caribou, bison,pronghorn, cougar, turkey. The list goes on

  2. Trebled life fishing says:

    true i hate city life but like you said its expensive here haha i'd have to buy north of edmonton about 200-300 kms to get land at a decent price
    800 acres must be nice

    im only about 30-45 minutes away from nice hunting areas. my buddy and i got a nice moose last season bow hunting out by maclean creek

  3. Spencer Gull says:

    @kalerias I went there for junior hockey, couldnt afford to pay team fees and a transfer from bc amature to alberta amature. I was working at the wholesale sports on the st albert trail and yellowhead in edmonton in the archery section. It was such a fun city, lots of great people, and the city is layed out very well. I may try to get to calgary but edmonton right now is my home away from home. Great whitetail hunting northern alberta, and great mule deer hunting south alberta.

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