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The Umarex Gauntlet .25 Caliber regulated PCP air rifle just started shipping and reports are it’s a winner in the energy generating category. This airgun review video was made with a pre-production rifle, so there will probably be some subtle differences. I got a little over 900 fps out of the gun I tested. What I’m told is that this Umarex Airguns rifle attains a velocity of 895 ft per second at the muzzle, which generates 45 ft lbs. That’s rock solid and a critter gitter for sure. It’s regulated to 1900 psi and gets up to 27 shots per fill of its tank. Again, I tested and fell short of the 27, but my POI was till pretty good despite that. The tank is 13 cubic inches up to 3,000 psi of high pressure regular atmospheric air. Same tank as on the .177 Gauntlet and Gauntlet .22 air rifles.
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50 thoughts on “Umarex Gauntlet .25 Air Gun Hunting Rifle Review : American Airgunner

  1. johnnybarbar says:

    My new .25 Gauntlet arrived…cleaned bore, adjusted trigger and shot a few for break in. She's getting 901 fps, 46 ftlb at the muzzle and sub MOA groups at 50 yds with JSB EKD 25.39's. VERY HAPPY!

  2. Dan Wiley says:

    So did you do anything to it other than remove from box and clean the barrel? Did you check for cracked air stripper or change the O-ring that’s always to small on the stripper? Check the crown witch is sometimes not present at all? Or maybe the grub screws for the barrel that are sometimes loose? I say this because accuracy looked like it could be better.

  3. MrPrimoPR says:

    Bought mine at pyramid and it is a blast. For a long time I wanted to have a PCP in .25 but they were way too expensive. This Umarex Gauntlet 25 is the poor persons high powered and accurate rifle I was looking for. It’s a excellent gun for hunting and even though it may look big it’s lighter in weight than the 22 magnum springers like Diana or Hatsan. The stock is plastic but it’s not a flimsy or hollow stock, the pistol grip is solid and fits like a glove. My gun is shooting the Benjamin 28gr at 840 FPS , that’s 44 foot pounds of power and I get around 30 shots to one fill of 3000 psi . Right out of the box I got 3/8 inch groups at 20 yards with the 3-9×32 CenterPoint scope and was hitting 2×2 inch targets at 40 yards with very little effort of aiming. As for noise my gun outside sounds like a hard spitting noise but the result down range is that of a brick hitting the targets. I adjusted the trigger for travel and it’s releasing smooth.

  4. MrPrimoPR says:

    Excellent and entertaining review with great information. It would be nice to see Umarex bring out a Gauntlet in 22 and 177 with the barrel band of the 25 and with more power , say instead of 1100 psi per regulated shot up tp 1300/ 350 that way the Gauntlet in those calibers could push heavier pellets at higher velocities, like the 18.3 st 850 FPS and the 177 heavies 13.4s at 900 FPS . Good work, thank you.

  5. Ryan Davis says:

    I have a .177 and a 22 of different males and models. Was contemplating 25 cal. This may be it with its rotary mag…very cool. Would probably be good for "larger" game…

  6. MrPrimoPR says:

    I was waiting for the Gauntlet 25 to come out but had my doubts because of the issues with the barrel moving- now that they have added the barrel band to this model I decided to take the leap and ordered it last night with an extra magazine and the 10 for 10 check out from Pyramyd. I will probably be shooting it with the Benjamin 27 grain pellets although I did order some JSBs 25g . Hope Pyramyd is doing a good job of checking them out before shipping.

  7. susan Marie says:

    very good review .I just wish someone ould do a crony test at like 30yars to find out how much FPS it loses down range .maybe even 50 yards the way you shot the crony would be safe .

  8. Gerd Junker says:

    Hi Guys,my Name is Gerd Junker and i´m a German.I like to watch all of your Airgun Videos,it´s a great
    Passion from me.But here in my Country it´s not allowed to go simply in the Forest and shoot with an
    Airgun to Squirrels,Grounddogs and so on.My Idea is to make a Holiday in the States,rent an Airgun
    and go with some Amerian Guys for do a little Pest Control with you Guys.Is this possible or can
    only American Citizens do that?I´ve been looking very hard in the Internet,but i cannot find any
    Informations about a Special Holiday like this.I´ll be very happy if someone from you guys can
    give me any Informations about this.Many Greetings from Germany.

  9. Steve Jenkins says:

    I just got my 25 Cal Gauntlet today! I'm so excited it said it be here by December 25th though. It came so fast in the mail I didn't have time to order pellets now I got a gun I have to wait to shoot! Noooooo!

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