24 thoughts on “ELK Hunting Giant Arizona Bulls up Close. 380 to 400 plus Bulls!

  1. Brett Reyes says:

    Great bulls! I am from Arizona and hunt in a lot the units these bulls are filmed. There are a large number of cattle ranches throughout Arizona and those are the fences you see. Elk and deer cross these fences whenever they please and also the AZGFD does a great job at making game crossings to allow wildlife to move more freely around these types of areas

  2. wileyisme says:

    that was weird i was watching the video and my finger kept having a spasm and pausing the screen, i wish elk season would hurry up and get here. Can't believe i am out of meat, now i have to eat like a vegetarian or beg from friends.I worked at a slaughter house i will not eat puss filled cyst steaks.

  3. Kevin Sutton says:

    @dayne19932011 No is not because people population are much larger than an elk popolation.And that why animals died out because poachers, pollution, and habitat loss between animals and people. So you keep your facts striaght. and remeber that in 2050.

  4. Kevin Sutton says:

    @MrDonzzie dude look at the future in 2010 to 2050 all the animal will be gone. And It get into a boring world without them. And your right we need animals for food. But when people get carry away or overhunted. It will be gone dumbass. So Im saying is killing animals is a coward.

  5. NIGHTEYES65 says:

    my good freind Robert Hartwig holds the world record elk he killed in arizona with his recurve. it scored 464 i believe. the "godzilla" bull they had called it.

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