Duck Hunting: How to Cook Duck!!

In this Duck Hunting episode of Freelance Discussions I talk about my favorite wild duck recipes.

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Link to Philly Duck Cheese Steak Sandwich recipe.

29 thoughts on “Duck Hunting: How to Cook Duck!!

  1. Kurt Hochanadel says:

    One of the best ways.. I do year end is grind duck with 50% pork and make different sausages… andouille, italian, brats, chorizo.. takes some effort and some require smoke… but is awesome

  2. Alan Smith says:

    This is the 1st channel I have ever subscribed to. I love what you guys do and how you do it! I wish you guys all the success in the world just please please do not become like the cable channel shows and show six minutes of sponsor adds, four minutes of hunting and then adds again. You guys do it like the average Joe and that's why you are the best.

  3. KBHoutdoors says:

    I really enjoy the videos! I can relate to them a lot! If you don't mind, come check out my channel, IV got bass fishing videos up right now, but teal season opens in 22 days here in arkansas and I'm going to be filming my adventures. I can't wait for your first duck hunt of the season to come out, I think I have watched all your vids 3-4 times now this off season haha. Keep up the good work!

  4. Go Team says:

    Who cooks their duck whole? I want to get a feather remover machine. I like smoking the duck whole with onions after being marinated in soy sauce ,wine, steak sauce, garlic

  5. RedRoofRetriever says:

    Another great video on a topic that has to be talked about.

    With the season about to happen upon us, how about a video on safety? Most importantly > gun safety. Too often we forget the basics and it can be devastating. Other ideas are hunting alone, waders and deep or fast moving water. Hunting alone is never as fun as with someone, but it's better than staying home, or going to work. ( :

  6. Ronald Weider says:

    great video once again. I like my duck dipped in grape jelly. Sounds funny but a old-timer told me about it something about the sugar in jelly's and jams cuts the gaminess of the duck . So i told my chef buddy about it he made a grape jelly and apercott glaze and put over a meduim cooked duck breast and legs it was great.

  7. Alex James says:

    I marinate my duck breast with italian salad dressing over night. Then I butterfly the breast and stuff them with jalapenos and wrap the breasts with two slices of bacon. I usually use toothpicks to hold it all together. Then cook the breast to a medium rare. Over the years this is by far my favorite way to cook duck breasts. Very similar to the way you described in the video.

  8. Silverado Man says:

    One of my favorite recipes is I get maple bacon, and I put a slice of duck breast in it and put a piece of jalapeño and a scoop of cream cheese roll it up a grill it and then glaze it with maple syrup, it's really good with dove also

  9. TheDecoyDude says:

    Really loving this channel! I get tired of the wannabe guys that just try to advertise a darn product every video. You talk about all the important stuff and even though I think I've heard it all sometimes, you always have something I take back from your videos that I want to try. Just wanted to let you know! 🙂

  10. JamesNumberJuan says:

    First time i tried i had wild duck it tasted like mud i learned real quick to marinate it first. My church had a Wild Game Feed i served duck salad which was duck with raspberry dressing almonds and lettuce. marinated in italian dressing i cooked it in a crock pot with water at the lowest temp until it fell apart.

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