Deer Hunting Tips: How To Rattle Antlers Bring In Big Bucks

How to rattle antlers bring in big bucks Deer Hunting Tips rattling antlers If you are hunting deer, caribou, or moose, rattling for big bucks with rattling antlers can make your hunt more spectacular and successful. Try these tips for rattling in the big bucks. Bucks approach fighting sounds from downwind. Start rattling the antlers slowly, pound them on the ground, scrape them on a tree, rattle them together rotating your body. Wait, and repeat more loudly. Give cautious bucks a chance to move in. Follow these easy techniques for rattling in the big bucks. Rattling antlers to bring in big bucks for deer, caribou, or moose has worked for me. Let me know how this works for you.



Rattling Antlers
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One thought on “Deer Hunting Tips: How To Rattle Antlers Bring In Big Bucks

  1. fuzztfork8 says:

    So, thats how its done ! It would be my luck to only call in other hunters ! I have a few horns i came across in the woods, might try it. If i get one, will call you to help drag it in… One thing hunters will say, that bucks dont run together, thats false. Granny, good video, and thanks..

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