ASCENT: INFINITE REALM MMORPG – Guide Series #3: Hunting Zones, Upgrading Gear, Artifacts (1080p)

Third Episode of the Guide Series for Ascent: Infinite Realm – The Steampunk MMORPG. The Hunting Zones of A:IR, The Upgrading Gear System, & The Artifact System!

Very comparable to games like Archeage, Tera, BDO, Guild Wars 2, etc…

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A:IR 1st Newsletter (Game Details)

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🈵 Looks like instead of coming out in Korea or NA/EU first it might be going somewhere else. A new short teaser trailer has been revealed and it’s time to talk about the details. Alongside Combat Footage analysis.

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Warlord, Sorceress, Mystic, Assassin & Gunslinger & new Races
Combat Footage for all of them came out. Tab-target action

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ExitLag – (new one)

Teaser Details –

Singleplayer Dungeons –

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Ascent: Infinite Realm is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bluehole and published by Kakao Games. The game has a steampunk-inspired aesthetic, and will be focused around aerial combat and Realm vs Realm combat, with players using airships as their primary mode of transport.


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