35 thoughts on “Hannah's first deer!!

  1. Ben Walker says:

    congrates Hannah what an awesome shot & awesome looking critter, that skin would look absolutely premo all tanned up with a couple of kids laying on it – chur gurl

  2. projects says:

    Awesome video bro. You never forget the 1st, and you've got footage/sound of it. camera must be too flash mate with that focus. Tu Meke on Hannah carrying the big boy up the track.

  3. Bill Bob says:

    What an amazing vid!, really enjoyed this, it's so good to see the thrill a person gets when they achieve a milestone like this, we need more kiwis to get into the sport of hunting, nothing better than providing food for your family that you have hunted, gutted and processed yourself, better than that supermarket crap any day

  4. Coco Charlie matenga says:

    Nice one Hannah, well done. Good to see the missus has a keen interest in what you do too bro, makes it easy to get the green light when hunting, can pretty much stay at home and let Hannah go out now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Mark Davis Jr says:

    Wished I was their with y'all cuting timber doing what I love being out their just, "Livin right" making the best out of it honestly… Much respect.. Need a saw man hollar at me first plz…great video thx fr sharing

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