Horizon Zero Dawn – Logpile Trial Guide (Nora Hunting Grounds)

Logpile Trial! This is my walkthrough to help you easily complete the Nora Hunting Grounds: Logpile Trial. The skill Balanced Aim helps out here, but it’s not necessary to complete the trial. Watch the video for details.

Note: Hunting Trials. Gold Blazing Sun. log pile.

48 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn – Logpile Trial Guide (Nora Hunting Grounds)

  1. sanguine genius says:

    Like you’re so perfect. I’ve been on this for 5 minutes without being able to kill all three grazers.

    With your tutorial I killed three in 27 seconds. That was mind blowing and perfect. I just subscribed. In case I need more magic from you.

  2. Kermit says:

    I'm on my game+ right now and with your strategy, the herd kept on running on the furthest path and never the middle one.

    Instead of flaming their canisters from your suggested placed, I tried shooting from the middle place. They finally ran in the middle and I just had to shoot the logs to get three, yay!

    On my initial run, I remember shock-wired the first path, spooked the herd and log-piled the stunned ones and it somehow worked! ☻


  3. DoomFinger511 says:

    Using the fire arrow worked really well. I didn't have to keep restarting either. If the herd didn't move where I wanted I just shot another one in the canister with a fire arrow. Eventually they will run as a group and stop near a log pile in yellow "warning" mode. Took about 3 tries until about 4 grouped under a log pile. Still got it done under 1:30 that way. Another tip: check if you have any "tutorial" quests you haven't completed. Each weapon gives you one. Hunting the left over machines in this area while activating the tutorial quest is a quick way to get extra XP. I finished 3 tutorial quests in this hunting area. Just make sure you activate the quest or the kills won't count.

  4. xkingx26 says:

    So they went another way for me but i had more than enough time so I didn’t restart the trial give up, instead i shot one of the canisters on the back of a grazer with a fire arrow and the explosion made some logs fall and killed 4 of them at once

  5. The SB Assassin says:

    So they only went up the middle once for me, every other time they would go up they other two paths. So I shot two fire arrows to make them run and then would run to the rope shown in the video but they ran up the path close to where you drop in so I just shot there and got it done in 22 seconds

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