41 thoughts on “Duck hunting – "Dark to Dark"

  1. Ruthles12 says:

    hey, you guys are obviously hunting on private flooded corn fields. Are there any public spots around Spokane That are great spots that are not your honey holes.

  2. skypieper says:

    Well it's a new season. I've been banging a few birds but things have slowed down a bit, can we expect a new video soon? it would help while I wait for weather.

  3. Garrett Chappell says:

    id love to see yall make a video that covers the production side of your films. how yall go about filming your hunt, gear used, etc. please make this happen!!! im a huge fan. keep up the work!

  4. Garrett Chappell says:

    yalls production level of video is through the roof! way better than any duck hunting video ive ever watched. i love the production of the film more than the hunt itselt. truly amazing work guys!

  5. kerner530 says:

    Absolutely incredible video, how the hell did you manage to get drone footage of you dropping a duck? that was AWESOME, as i sit here in my blind with NO DUCKS at all in CT, at least some people are shooting ducks.

  6. Freelance Duck Hunting says:

    Great video! Very enjoyable to watch! I'm really surprised you guys could get mallards to decoy sitting 1 or 2 rows back in corn. My experience is that mallards will normally see you without a better concealment system than that.

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