Alpine Deer Hunting – A Journey into the Snowy Mountains of British Columbia

Thanks for viewing the video. In this video you’ll follow I, Marie, and my Father’s adventures into the Alpine on Crowfoot mountain in search of Mule Deer, Moose, or Black Bear. I’m aware this video is super long being that it’s the full documentary, and because of that I will be uploading it in 2 parts for the viewers that can’t watch it in a full sit-down. Sorry for the audio on the go-pro, it’s very quiet on the account of me having the waterproof case on the whole time. This is my first time using the go-pro, I will try to fix it in the next video. Anyways, enjoy the scenic views and interesting adventure! Sorry we didn’t get anything but I figured it’s still fun to watch. 🙂

The hunt for Mule Deer. In this video we decided to go into the Alpine on Crowfoot Mountain, British Columbia. Our first day consisted of the long hike all the way to the top of the mountain well on the look out for black bear, moose, and of course mule deer. We arrived on the top nearly at sun-down which was pressuring us to make a camp and get warm before nightfall. Realizing my dad had forgotten his sleeping pad for his tent and having the temperature drop to nearly -10°C, we decided to try to make our way to the survival cabin that was on top of the mountain. Getting lost on the way we finally made it and were warm for the first time so far. We settled in and slept tell morning. The next morning we packed on got hunting, only to be greeted outside with terrible weather conditions. It was windy with slight snow turning into a blizzard as the day went on. The temperature continued to drop lower and lower well we were hunting, so we decided to cut our trip short and head down the mountain early.

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31 thoughts on “Alpine Deer Hunting – A Journey into the Snowy Mountains of British Columbia

  1. Nicholas Wituik says:

    Hi everyone, just wanted to address the issue of us glassing the terrain in this video since I've been getting lots of comments about the issue of it.

    I just want you to all be aware BEFORE you go ahead and comment about it that we were the ONLY people on the whole mountain. There is only one way to get up there and we were the only set of tracks that had been on the road for ages by the looks of it. So accidentally having a human down the end of our barrel well looking was not going to happen.

    I am well aware glassing terrain is not good hunting ethics because there's a chance you may see another hunter or hiker. We carried and used a spotting scope for the majority of the time. Also, to address the "What if some one came up the second day?" question I foresee being asked, before we hunted the second day, we back tracked all the way to the only road that goes up the mountain and there still where only our tracks.

    Just wanted to clarify, thanks.

  2. kevin tulak says:

    Just found your channel and playing a little catch up. I hunted in that country many years ago and have always wanted to get back there. Thanks for sharing and bringing back so good old memories, looking forward to catching up with your videos.

  3. Gail Evraire says:

    Question…since I know nothing about hunting and such. Is the cabin you stayed in open to anyone that is out hunting? Could other people potentially have stayed there the same time as you?

  4. Trevor Lee says:

    Hey Nicholas, I love your videos. I live down in Oregon, so it's nice seeing content made in the same-ish region. I'm looking at expanding my gear and would love to see what you use. I'm specifically interested in your backpack. Is that an ALICE pack?

  5. Marvin McNeil says:

    I've never seen anybody check their gun for shelves as many times as I've seen you in this one video you should just put them in and forget about it makes me nervous watching you play around with a gun pointing it in all directions and there's people everywhere not good thing

  6. Nature Lover says:

    The scenery was beautiful!! I felt like I was trekking right along with you!
    Appreciated the scene updates, kept me in the know. ( loved the howling wind, I swear I got cold just listening to it)

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