Afternoon Thaw – Duck Hunt

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This is the full length version of Afternoon Thaw. On this hunt we didn’t fire a shot until 12:30 and ended up limiting out in 3 hours.

24 thoughts on “Afternoon Thaw – Duck Hunt

  1. Mason Fraser says:

    Goose decoys r too close to the shore. If ur wanting to kill geese too then i would put them out farther. They dont like any cover at all. Only time youll find em on the shore is on windy days.

  2. Red West Outdoors says:

    Haha, this is the first hunt we attempted to film, so I agree there were a lot of parts that are a bit shakey. We would love for you to check out some of our more recent videos on our channel. We are constantly trying to find ways to improve our films. Thanks for watching!

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