Rifle Test & Review: Fierce Fury

A Canadian man approached a Utah entrepreneur, claiming he could build the best production rifles on the planet and offer them at the lowest cost on the market. From there, Fierce Firearms was born. We evaluated the company’s entry-level rifle, the Fierce Fury, in our 2017 rifle field test and it earned our highest award: Editor’s Choice.

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16 thoughts on “Rifle Test & Review: Fierce Fury

  1. Jack Maxwell says:

    Love all the comments about how my 300$ ruger shoots sub moa all day… Awesome, good cheap rifles. But to try to bash these rifles is pretty silly. I own a CT Edge, in 300wm. And with Nosler ammo, yes it does shoot bug holes from the bench. Yes, I could get away with using a cheaper rifle. And I do own a few Tikka's, Savage's etc. And they shoot great. Especially the Tikka's. But until you hold one of these rifles, and work the action, they are worth every penny.

  2. Flooded says:

    I have the Edge 300 RUM. Had it for a couple years now. My first session shooting prone with no vice, only the bipod and sand bag, I was hitting out to 900 yards. I didn't shoot if for a long time as other hunts got in the way. Took it back out to day, shot a 300 and 600 yrd warm up and went out to 1000 and hit 3 out of 5 times the target chosen. I am not a professional LR shooter. I have a Ruger Prec Rifle in 6.5 that is deadly accurate. This Fierce rifle is even better than that. These are great rifles. I assume the guy who reviewed this just cant shoot. Even still Fierce has a warranty / garauntee on their MOA claim so handle it properly.

  3. B Prior says:

    To all the naysayers below: Before slagging Fierce rifles use one . . . I own a Remington 700; it is a decent rifle for the price, but has incredibly sloppy action commensurate with that price. The Sako – particularly the model 85 – is closest in action and handling, but is not exactly cheap either. I purchased a Fierce CT Edge in 7mm Rem Mag and it is hands down the best rifle I have ever owned!

  4. MTN HUNTER says:

    Not a very good value in my opinion, 2k for 1" not very impressive. Instead of spending countless amount of hours of R&D for a new proprietary 3 lug action and then passing that cost to the customer in a package that doesn't perform to the expectations of that price level….I'm failing to see how this is even comes close to a Editors Choice. For example take the same 2k, Blueprint / True a factory Rem 700 ( Tried and true proven action ), add a Match grade barrel, Timney Calvin Elite or Trigger Tech Primary, professionally bed into a HS Precision Sporter stock with full aluminum bedding block ( to keep price under 2k….Mcmillan or manners would drive that to around $2500 ish ) and re crown …that is the formula to a rig that should shoot 1/2 MOA or better all day long. If you do have the extra cash and desire a custom action you would be much better suited going with something that has a proven track record…..Surgeon 591….Defiance Deviant…ect. These are more custom rifles that take some time to build….wait times for barrels being the biggest factor however if you want a 2k rig that is pre built look at the Seekins Havok PH1, would love to see a review on that rifle 🙂

  5. James clark says:

    My god- I got solid 1" groups from a $300 Ruger American in .308 with $18 per box Federal 150g SP ammo. Handloads have shot into half inch. The Fierce rifles are just an overpriced Canadian made copy of a Sako 85…

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