KUIU Hunting Pants Comparison

Todd Harney reviews and compares KUIU’s technical pant line, and outlines the conditions in which each pant works best. Shop KUIU Pants at http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/

TIBURON PANT – http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/tiburon-pant/11001.html
Temperature Range (unlayered): Best used 75 degrees F and warmer
Hot weather pant
Super breathable fabric
Two-way stretch is still very comfortable (compared to four-way stretch)
Lightweight but durable

ALPINE PANT – http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/alpine-pant/40011.html
Temperature Range (unlayered): 60’s to 80 degrees F
One-layer fabric
Stretchiest option, 4 way stretch
Technical pockets, mesh on the inside
Double zippered cargo pockets
Hip vents
Knee pads – very comfortable, conforms to your knee; makes a big difference kneeling down
Good early season pants
Layer for colder temps

ATTACK PANT – http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/attack-pant/40001.html
Temperature Range (unlayered): high 40’s F to 60’s F
#1 Best-selling pant
Four-way stretch
Great DWR
Non-zippered hand pockets
Zippered back pocket with flap
Standard zippered-cargo pocket
Hip vents
Classic overall great pant

CHINOOK PANT – http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/chinook-pant/40005.html
Temperature Range (unlayered): high 40’s F to 60’s F, similar to Attack Pant
Double layered fabric
Very breathable
Quite durable
Knee Pads
Double-zippered thigh pockets
Runs a bit cooler than Attack Pant
Good for Caribou hunts
Good for mobile hunts

GUIDE PANT – http://www.kuiu.com/hunting-pants-shorts/guide-pant/40003.html
Temperature Range (unlayered): Freezing temperatures and under
Huge step up in warmth
Double layered, fleece lined
Soft shell pant
Single zippered cargo pocket without flap
Mesh liner inside pockets
Zippered hand pockets
Zippered back pockets with no flap (convenient for getting stuff in and out)
Two layers of soft shell on the back pocket area
Serious late season pant in cold temps where you’re not moving a lot

For questions, email at toddh@kuiu.com or reach out to customer service at service@kuiu.com and 855-367-5848

Good luck this season.

35 thoughts on “KUIU Hunting Pants Comparison

  1. ROB WIGTON says:

    I'm fearful because you didn't talk about rain snow ect…..I want to sit in the snow and stay dry?????? Gortex type fabric will justify that price. IMHO

  2. LoudandProud says:

    If I was looking for a Tiburon weight pant with knee pads, is there such a thing? I do alot of precision rifle competition and these pants would be perfect but running over the pants knee pads kinda sucks because you sweat behind the straps.

  3. Rafael Gonzales says:

    I bought the Attack Pant for a late fall deer hunt in Southern California. Now I know, you're probably thinking, Southern California fall, that must have been warm… but actually, it was pretty cool. In the evenings it dipped down into the mid to low 20s, and mornings started with low 30s and heavy marine layer and moisture in the air. The terrain was incredibly rugged brush anywhere from hip to chest and shoulder high. Basically I was trampling through some thick stuff… a lot! The afternoons got as high as the mid 50s to low 60s. These pants were freaking awesome. To say I felt invincible is an understatement. I did layer in the morning with some thermals underneath he pant to start, but I wonder if I needed to do this as I took them off by mid morning. I was just impressed with how little I worried about these pants. No matter what I was trudging through, nothing affected these pants. You could sit on the roughest rocks or dirt and not a scratch on the seat of the pants. I just forgot they were there which was funny because I started off a little worried about them only because of what I paid for them and how comfortable and soft they are to the touch. But the Attack Pant is where it is at. Seriously an awesome all around pant. Cannot say enough good things about them!

  4. CrossFit Loughborough says:

    Have used the Tiburon stuff in the past, its nice fabric, but has almost no stretch at all, despite what they say, I cant even pull the sleeves up on my shirt, that's why Ive gone with the Attach 4 way stretch

  5. djustice5252 says:

    I am a Whitetail hunter in Vermont and do not move much. For rifle season I use the guide pant with the 210 merino wool and the super down pant. I do love the guide pant the side venting works amazingly! Also I love the design of the insulation layers for the pants the way they have full leg zips!

  6. Jose Lopez says:

    I'm hunting late season Elk in Colorado. I'll be trekking several miles each day at 12,000 ft and higher elevations. I wanted to know if the Guide pant would work well in those conditions? Or would I be better off with a Chinook or Attack pant with a warm base layer? Thanks a lot and I love all of your products.

  7. Scottland B says:

    Tiburon pant! I bow hunt Wyoming in early september and it by far is my most used pant and ultra tiburon long sleeve zip tee! 80% of my trip elk hunting I wore these. Guide pant and jacket in morning, by 9 im in my tiburon remaining day. Was excellent. They are awesome to sleep in too! Kudos

  8. Dustin Smith says:

    Good video, I've been needing help with determining which pant to get and this has helped a lot! One thing, who on God's green earth wears a pant and a base layer when it is 60 degrees as he mentions when talking about the Tiberon pant? I'm sweating just thinking of wearing any pants when its 60.

  9. justin okeson says:

    much needed comparison!

    This may be a huge task … but it would be really helpful to have a chart that showed activity level & temperature on one axis with recommended gear on the other.

    White tail stand hunting in MN in September varies greatly from stalking mulies in SD vs different seasons/altitudes/activity levels required for other hunts.

    Thanks for all the videos so far; they really help!

  10. Player One says:

    Awesome video, this is exactly what I've wanted to see for years. If it's not already in the works, please do the same with all your jackets, gloves, everything really. Thank you.

  11. anthony crumley says:

    Where would the Teton pant fall in at? Also I think the Tiburons are good down into the 40's with a layer underneath, use rain pants if windy. Couldn't agree more about the stretch in Tiburons, 4 way isn't necessary in such a light material.

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