Ultimate RS3 Grenwall Hunting Guide! – Best Hunter Xp, Epic Cash! – TP's RS3 MM/Skilling Guides!

Welcome to our instanced grenwall hunting guide for the best hunter xp rates in the game at the time of release as well as more than amazing cash per hour! This guide goes through everything you need to know to take best advantage of these spiky little beasts that can be diamond in their worth to skillers and moneymakers alike! We hope you enjoy the guide and please feel free to leave feedback below 😀

In this series of guides, we will be focusing on a particular method of either moneymaking, skilling, or a method that combines both to good effect. Our guides will be comprehensive and in-depth to allow you to learn everything there is to know about the technique so that you have a good grasp of it and are able to take full advantage of it. We will give everything from requirements, recommendations, xp rates and in-depth analysis of the technique needed for maximum efficiency of cash/xp per hour.

We sincerely hope you enjoy these guides and understand that despite all our research and knowledge, we may not have captured the perfect techniques/methods every time, or they may be a flaw in our method, or the method may have evolved/become obsolete. Please let us know below of any comments you have, and if you enjoyed the video, please consider giving it a like and letting your friends know 🙂 If you enjoy our videos, we would hugely appreciate it if you subscribe to our channel to support it and stay up to date with our latest Proe uploads!

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate RS3 Grenwall Hunting Guide! – Best Hunter Xp, Epic Cash! – TP's RS3 MM/Skilling Guides!

  1. Tom Tong says:

    There should be also a recommendation that:
    Completion of Tirannwn medium task enables you to catch grenwalls without baiting. (no raw pawya meat needed)

  2. K33p0ut NL says:

    Have you guys considered the Fruit bat method at Isafdar? I used to do it years back, haven't played RS since and want to come back to finish my 99 hunter doing this (have been at 96 for years). It's not as efficient as this, but there is no limit in doing this.

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