39 thoughts on “theHunter Hunting Game – HUNTING RABBITS & .22 AIR RIFLE (Tips, Tricks & Tactics)

  1. vapeh - says:

    I think that this game has to make an update where u can buy allthings for example guns with gm$ or with em$ but to earn em$ by doing missions etc bcuz if u have to pay it will be so expensive and someone does not have money(me for example) i really enjoy playing this game but i dont have good weapons and license 🙁

  2. SuzyQzyful says:

    I just started this game a few days ago and found this pretty helpful. Kind of wish I could get a shotgun since pheasants are one of the animals you can hunt while being ftp, but they have to make money somehow so I won't complain too much (though doing missions isn't too bad). Thanks for the upload!


    Great video man! Im gonna use these tactics for my next video! I really needed this to learn how to hunt these rabbits. I would follow them and then the tracks just stopped. I didn't know that they were hiding somewhere around! I thought they just ran to the next county or something!

  4. Vahiax says:

    Subscribed! Please tell us more about the Store, because as a new player I really struggle on what to use to different animals… Not too easy to get from the forums eighter, ive read ALOT… So if you could make a gear guide/review and what you think is good for every animal, that would be great 😀 Thanks, great videos btw!

  5. Soshi says:

    Looking at your video. What does leveling up your tracking, spoting and weapon help for? I don't feel any thing diffrent when leveling up the skills.

  6. NicName98 says:

    I'm watching your profile on TheHunter since 2011. And now (I know its a bit late 😛 ) i saw your youtube channel. Thanks for all these Informations! I wanted to be like you as i started playing TheHunter 🙂 ps. Sorry for my bad english

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