Google Earth Digital Scouting For Elk In Colorado

Google Earth is a valuable tool for scouting and planning an upcoming elk hunt. This video is specifically geared towards Colorado but there is still useful information even if you’re planning on hunting a different state.

Here are the links referenced in the video:

Google Earth

CO GMU Map .kmz File

CO Parks & Wildlife Species Map .kmz File

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22 thoughts on “Google Earth Digital Scouting For Elk In Colorado

  1. Manitoba Hunter says:

    Great video! Just finished getting it all set up on my computer and now to start playing with it. Heading up into GMU 80/81 this fall for rifle elk and this will be very helpful. Thx for Posting!

  2. Taylor Ryan says:

    Colorado native, will be going out hunting for the 1st time since my dad passed many years ago with my brother for elk (cow). Excited but overwhelming realizing how much work goes into it when you don't have an experienced elder as a guide doing most of the work. My brother and I were kids last time we went. Doing our due diligence and planning our hunt in depth and gathering everything we need. What is the easiest way to use this for planning in relation to land ownership in your unit?

  3. chase cook says:

    I`m completely new to elk hunting, I seen your video man. How successful are you with this method so far? I like to know if you can possible update the elks moves in 2019? That`s when me & my best friends will be going.


    Have you ever used the path profile feature? It is awesome to use as you plan your path to see your vertical climb along your path. Just create your path and save it, then mouse over the path and right click on it and got down to "Show Elevation Profile" and it will bring up a profile of your path at the bottom of the screen. Really helpful tool.
    Thanks for doing this video, it was great.

  5. I TOLD YOU SO says:

    I am downloading everything right now and going to give it a shot on my first ever elk hunt this season. I will be doing both archery and rifle. Can you recommend a good gmu for Colorado?

  6. thelittleguy says:

    That's fucked up man. Guys like you are helping out of staters come into colorado taking most of the prim tags. Trashing there campsites, leaving trash and shit every were. That's why the state is putting up so many green gates. To close the areas off to everyone. Since its cheaper then paying people to constantly clean it up. FUCK ALL Y'ALL THAT DON'T PACK YOUR SHIT OUT!!!!!!!

  7. Garrett Hinton says:

    Nice video. I'm new to elk hunting, and haven't had too much finding success in finding the elk here in Utah. I have found a lot of somewhat recent sign, but no elk. Do you know of maps or tools that can help me? Or what is the best way to find elk without these tools?

  8. Miles Thompson says:

    Quick tip on transparencies: If you click on a layer in My Places, then look at the bottom of the My Places box (just above the Layers box)….there are two buttons, a magnifying glass and a gradient box….click the gradient box, and the slider will adjust the transparency of the layers you selected.

    You can do individual layers, or folders of several layers all at the same time. And the transparency level saves when you click File-Save My Places.

  9. mountainman320 says:

    Lol,will this Google scouting figer in all the poached elk taken by non licensed poachers or will it figer in all the non licensed poachers you will encounter on your hunt. Lol,what a joke. Good luck

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