Duck Hunting Gear for New Hunters | Duck Hunting 101

Here are the most cost effective items we could find that will get you out in the field. As expected, the more you spend the better things get.
Camo Jacket:
Camo Sweatshirt:
Layout Blind:
Duck Call:
Goose Call:
Blind Bag:

Let us know what you are willing to spend more money on and we will send you a link to our suggestions.

Main Calls used:

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36 thoughts on “Duck Hunting Gear for New Hunters | Duck Hunting 101

  1. Jacob Covert says:

    Paint your face, your skin shines, so you can't look up as much… I live in Arkansas, we just use a cork. Set the top on fire, let it burn a few seconds, and it works just as good as black face paint, but washes off with warm water and a cloth. AND DON'T FORGET TOILET PAPER

  2. rwh 7272 says:

    Just got a green jon boat given to me and I'm going to take my brother and a nephew out on a river hunt this year. I don't duck hunt but they do and I'm going to be taking a lot of photos. I fancy myself as a hobby outdoors photographer. However I am not looking forward to going into the wind on water in January….brrrrr

  3. Jake Knotts says:

    Yeah lets make a video with a 1500 dollar SBE2, hundreds of dollars worth of sitka gear and a decent john boat. I started out with a remington 870, a pair of carharts and a canoe.

    Because I got addicted, now I've got some sitka, avian decoys, multiple pairs of waders, and a prodigy boat with a mudmotor. How about you practice what you preach?

    Everything you talked about can get you started but how about you showing it work? Thats how we get new hunters in the sport. Expected much better

  4. Archie Anderson says:

    enjoyed the video as it covers basic needs and does and donts for the beginner. He is not focused on any one particular brand of equipment and is more focused on helping new waterfowlers getting started. Great job.

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