Elk Hunting with a Longbow!!

To buy the newest version of the camera used to film this hunt:

To buy the POV camera:

To buy camera arm used on this hunt:

To buy the muddy treestand used:

To buy the muddy safety harness:

To buy the scentlok savanna:

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41 thoughts on “Elk Hunting with a Longbow!!

  1. Sterling Archer says:

    Why is he thanking Jesus? Did Jesus take the shot, or perhaps Jesus made the elk walk into range of his arrow?
    I'm a bowhunter and every time I make a kill it's not because of Jesus it's because I practice my craft. And I stalk what I hunt, I don't sit up in a tree like a pussy and wait for the game to come into range.

  2. Shaun Repplinger says:

    How do you like the zbowstick? I started with a recurve originally and just this last 2015 season decided to buy myself a compound, but its WAY to easy! So I wanna get back to "my roots" with a trad bow. Ive heard GREAT things about Black Widow bows and a few people have told me to get a custom bow. But to be honest, these zbowsticks look great! I just want some more info on them from a current user.

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