12 thoughts on “Duck Hunting 101

  1. Parker Cushing says:

    I spent a little time in your state en route to North West Arkansas. I was impressed by the hospitality, friendliness and beautiful scenery in the hills of the Ozarks outside of Tulsa. Much love from CA.

  2. Donald Martin says:

    As a resident of Oklahoma I am proud watch your show when I am home, when I am overseas, I still watch on YOUTUBE…..thanks for quality outdoor programming…..and yes, I am a lifetime hunting and fishing license holder and proud of it….

  3. TexasRedneck says:

    just got done with my second season, been twice this year, and went a few times last year. Wish I had more time to go. I got waders last week, thanks honey!, and went out and only saw two, got none. Today I got two calls I thought I would try out.

    Great show, thank you!

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