4 thoughts on “Spike Camp Tips – Elk Hunting – Mark Kayser

  1. Martin Axe says:

    I had my first backcountry bug game hunt last week. 4 days, 3 miles deep in hill and canyon country. It's been 7 days side i returned and I'm still trying to recover calories. I think i was running over 1000 calorie deficit every day, especially the last when I had to quarter my deer, pack it out, then return for my gear.

  2. Chris Powell says:

    I dont have horses nor money to rent them. I'm planning a DIY fourth season Cow elk hunt for two broke college kids. I'm looking to backpack in somewhere 5 miles or so. Any suggestions of where to go on provate land would be a great deal of help as there are so many. Started looking at Flat tops 29 area–but read that elk move into private land near fourth season. Can anyone attest to this? Alos, am I going to freeze to death with a tent like yours and a 0 degree bag? –

  3. Dojocho says:

    Im a Mule packer for over 20yrs montana.renting horses from a outfitter is tough,best to go with a outfitter and use his horses..horses bond with the people that feed them and they see everyday…so you will be strangers to the horses..this alot of times causes problems,especially with mules I found electric corral setups work good if the terrain is right for them..you can change it daily so they get fresh grass..one trick I was shown if u leave camp turn a radio in a tent..bears think ur there.

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