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32 thoughts on “MH3U – Advanced tips and tactics: Hunting Horn

  1. Bas Waaijer says:

    Hunting horns are weird and cool at the same time lol.

    Still wondering if I should be using Defense up (S) and Negate Stamina Use (S) in MH4U demo. I love support but I feel the damage I could be doing far outweights small buffs. Then again, maybe casting a song instead of being one of 4 people trying to smack the head can avoid you being tossed around and not being able to land a hit at all :p

  2. BlackMagister says:

    The most common mistake I see HH users make is just playing the songs and barely attacking. You can just get the notes and play the song near the monster since the performance attack does damage too as long as you know you can get away with it. If not just play a short distance away when the monster isn't focusing you.

  3. TehDemonOverlord666 says:

    I really hate it when people suggest you stay away from the monster and not attack when using your songs. Like the part where it says "if the monster is on the ground and there are 3 other hunters you make a judgement call on whether to hit the monster or play a song"… WHY CANT YOU DO BOTH? the backswing/second hit for casting a buff with the hunting horn does massive amounts of damage. 

    Whenever I see someone in a group playing hunting horn they have no idea what they're doing. they run away, use a song, then come back. that, in my opinion, takes away damage from the group. Sure, use a song out of the monster's range SOMETIMES, but only when it's necessary. I prefer someone who contributes to damage in the group rather than buffs. Otherwise, i'd take a dual sword user instead of them. 

    Lesson people need to learn: If you're gonna give advice, look into your weapon beforehand. I've cleared all of online mode and offline mode solo in mhp3 and mh3u (at least up to g rank in mh3u, hvent worked on that character since) with ONLY hunting horn. It's a good weapon if you actually HIT THE MONSTER. the songs can dodge attacks anyway if you know how to utilize them.

  4. HanVelsing says:

    please, PLEASE do dual swords and bow. its not like those are my favourite weapons, but i see tons of people online that have no freaking idea how to use those and think their spectral demolishers and kelbi bows are the best thing ever just because.

  5. Post-it says:

    I'd say that KO king is a waste of a skill slot since monsters are typically more difficult to knockout after the second KO.

    It's a slot better reserved for Sharpness+1, Attack up large, or honed blade. The damage you contribute will out perform KO King by a long  shot.

  6. TitoKeytarHero says:

    I do love the design of High Voltage Verve. It's what inspired the instrument in my drawing over <– there. I've gone far with friends using a set to focus on buff-heal-capture: Qurupeco X with Rinforzato which give Attack L, Defense L, and Health Boost. They have me out of the monster's sight if possible and I just play songs and use Lifepowders, Nulberries, Antidotes, etc. when you need to.

  7. Afroctopus says:

    love HH, shame barely anyone uses it. but the buffs are really useful, and if you know how to abuse the wide swinging hitboxes (aka right hooking the crap out of everything's head), and can position yourself before playing songs, you can get off ko damage and song buffs at the same time. although, HH does have the lowest DPS of all the weapons… so if you ignore buffs you're basically a much weaker, longer-range hammer. 

    also, I wonder how HH has changed in mh4? actually, it'd be good if capcom posted some MH4 guides/ info in english…

  8. Thales Nunes Moreira says:

    Evade Dist is also a really good skill, because you spend most of the time with the weapon in your hands. That way, you can traverse great distances faster.

    Anyway, awesome video again, Yuri! I'm glad I could contribute, even if it was just a little.

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