Get started bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous with this video guide. I’ll go over the basics and show you my Viper setup. Bounty hunting is easy to get into in Elite Dangerous.

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About this video: I show you my setup on the Viper which is a great and cheap spaceship for bounty hunting. I’m currently running 2 gimballed beamlasers and 2 gimballed multicannons. For effective bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous you also need a Kill Warrant Scanner in a utility slot. The K-scanner will allow you to scan other NPC or player ships for wanted status and bounties in other systems and adds to your overall profits considerably when bounty hunting. One of the best places to hunt for bounties in Elite Dangerous is at the nav beacon (navigational beacon) that you can find on your scanner and set as destination. There’s a nav beacon in all solar systems and the nav beacon is where all ships jumping into the system arrives first. In this video I’ll also show you how to target a ships subsystem for maximum efficiency. I target the subsystem powerplant of an ASP Explorer to blow up the ship quicker netting a 25K bounty easily. I hope that this video is helpful for new players looking to get into bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous for the first time.

6 thoughts on “Elite Dangerous BOUNTY HUNTING GUIDE!

  1. Cannibalnosorog says:

    Can you help me out? Sometimes when I scan someone and I see there wanted and attack I get attacked by one or two other ones, which makes me loose the one I can handle but the 3 combined are a huge problem

  2. Danny Hampton says:

    I used a viper for a while but I ended up selling it for two reasons. A) I couldn't fit class 2 beams on it power wise. B) I wanted kinetic weapons on top because they have to aim higher anyways. So after I bought my Type-6 I sold my Viper and refit my Cobra for combat and have been much happier with it. Handling is basically the same but the Cobra has the better hardpoint set up to the mediums on top for class two kinetic weapons and the smalls on the bottom for class one thermal weapons. The Cobra also has way better fuel tank, jump range, and 15.60mw generator vs a 12mw generator, so pending other stuff you can equip two class 2 beams and two class 1 beams like my friend did. Cobra also has more over all HP. But all this comes at a price, its 379,718 CR, 236,787 CR more than the Viper at 142,931 CR. Next ship for me is the Asp, from my research its just a bigger Cobra with more guns and hp but same handling, so I play on getting two one for exploration an one for combat. I looked into the Vulture also but with only two large weapons I want ammo based weapons and two large thermal weapons are hard to get to fit on it power wise.

  3. KlausGaming says:

    Bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous is a lot of fun and can be very profitable. In this guide I show you how to use the Kill Warrant Scanner, Gimballed weapons and how hunting at nav beacons is a great strategy.

  4. Owen Jonkers says:

    nice video, though I've been theory crafting my own Eagle build (power management is going to be "fun") for when I finally get the game.

    using a Saitek Evo Force here for many years, works great in the combat demo though a proper separate throttle stick would probably be more precise.

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