Airgun Hunting: two pigs with the Hatsan BullBoss .25 caliber air rifle

In this video Jim Chapman takes the Hatsan BullBoss air rifle in .25 caliber, to see how it will perform against feral hogs in central Texas. After finding a number of pigs at a deer feeder, one is singled out and dropped with a headshot. The pig scatter, but come back almost immediately to feed. When a firearm is discharged the pigs scatter and don’t come back. But the report of an air rifle, while not completely silent, doesn’t seem to spook them the same way. I had to shift shooting positions to get under a tree limb, but within 5 minutes the second pig is dropped right next to the first.
These pigs are small, but I was focusing on small boars with a small bore, proving to myself this is a viable approach. My thought is that if you stick to the following rules: head shots only, pigs under 100 lb’s, and a range inside of 60 yards, it is effective…… so long as you can place your pellet exactly on target or a brain shot. Transgress any one of these rules and all bets are off!
I also recommend only using a pcp powered gun in .22, .25, .or .30: these rifles are much more powerful and shoot much more accurately than spring piston rifles.
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41 thoughts on “Airgun Hunting: two pigs with the Hatsan BullBoss .25 caliber air rifle

  1. danny mathes says:

    i have several airguns marauder 25 marauder pistol hatsan flash plus a few break barrels. all for small game hunting now i believe i need a bullboss. thanks for the vids. love em keep em coming

  2. Jon L says:

    I have a Flash QE . 22 n like it so much, hasn't let me down in the field. Always come home with game. I just bought the bull boss in .25 , Midway had them on sale for $327, cldnt pass up the deal. Can't wait to take it to the field. Great video n shooting, stay safe n keep posting. Thanks.

  3. james cruz says:

    After around 400 pellets down range>>>   this gun will put ten shots in a group that you can cover with a nickle at 20 yards. I taped a penny to my target and was surprised to see that it almost went through it. Also an important thing to note is the light wight of this gun compared to the Benjamin Prowler air rifle that i got for a friend last Christmas, cocking effort is also lighter. Power seems about the same. I'm glad I chose the Gamo rifle. It is doing all that i expected and more. Great gun.

  4. Brian Evans says:

    Guy's this is really great stuff! Um a subscriber guy's! Intresting I've gathered knowledge of a few guns i have yet to try! Very infornative stuff! Good job guy's!👍MORE! More!

  5. Experience Precision says:

    I also own the wooden bull boss. 25 call. So I can also attest to the power and accuracy of it. I can hit a cherry tomato at 100 yards no problem with the recommended scope I bought also made buy hatsan. You get plenty of shots with a tank fill and is also a great gun to hand pump if you want. Clean barrel when you buy, zero and have a blast.

  6. Kara Stokes says:

    What was the grain on the pellets you used to take down those pigs? I've searched everywhere on how big of a pellet you can shoot with this rifle and how it fast it shoots it with, but I can't find anything.

  7. Maestro Black says:

    Buy you a good strong and not expensive pcp rifle smuggled into Russia in the center of Siberia , as I have in the free market citizens are allowed the power of 7.5 joules, and I need a powerful air, the questions you send to me will Rosati together, guys help, I think you will find those who is not difficult, in the future you can collaborate on any things transport, in General, need a partner)

  8. Phillip Mendiola says:

    Lots of pigs in Texas they are everywhere , very nice shooting nailed them good , I have a Kral Puncher mega 25cal , tuned with up grades pushing 50 FPE , I am going to try it on a wild hog

  9. Cristos Palabras says:

    I have an arsenal of airguns, my most recent purchases are the Benjamin Marauder 25 and this Hatsan BullBoss 25, and I can vouch for your testament to its accuracy, quiet shooting and high power for the sound it produces. Good shooting, good video, good content. Longtime viewer. Awesome. God bless and, maybe we can do some shooting together for 25 calibre Hatsan wild pigs and Axis deer west of San Antonio someday.

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