A Day at Dry Lake – Arkansas Rice Field Duck Hunt

Footage of an outstanding hunt over a frozen rice field on the infamous Arkansas Grand Prairie. The hunt took place January 13, 2010 south of Stuttgart at Dry Lake Hunting Service. The video was filmed and edited by the crew at www.greenhead.net.

32 thoughts on “A Day at Dry Lake – Arkansas Rice Field Duck Hunt

  1. Yup says:

    Sure am tired of Internet haters and dipshit troll commenters. The negative comments make me growl and spit. That said, GREAT HUNT, Fellas! Good calling, good shooting, and what a joy to watch that dog work! Thanks for sharing a great hunt.

  2. Brian Brunell says:

    Call all you want guys and ignore the comments.  Until your in the blind with them you just won't see what they are seeing.  Camera doesn't show the other pools the ducks are trying to work.

  3. Shot Caller Media says:

    but great video and dont listen to these guys sayin your calling too much, the ducks were obviously working different spots at the same time, being why they were swinging so wide. and i know why yall didnt shoot them wood ducks to make room for penneys!

  4. Shot Caller Media says:

    I'm not trying to act like a pro, but if you guys would break up all that ice, you might land those bigger groups. just a suggestion don't take it the wrong way, and i know hindsight is 20 20

  5. Walrustodd says:

    Why did y'all pass up those woodies? Personally I think wood duck are be best tasting duck out there! Amazing shootin' and great calling. Thanks for putting up the video.

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