Weapons of the Wasteland: Hunting Rifle – A Fallout 4 Weapon Customization/Mods Guide!

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Welcome to Weapons of the Wasteland, in this episode we’ll be looking at the Hunting Rifle. We have a look at the base gun, and at the upgrades we can perform depending on your skill level.

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL28oZ4FVZmk6kh2YFeUkwwCFDQaH2GemA


– Short Hunting Rifle (No Requirements)

Receiver: Standard
Barrel: Short
Stock: Short
Magazine: Standard
Sights: Standard
Muzzle: None

– Tactical Calibrated Hunting Rifle (No Requirements)

Receiver: Calibrated
Barrel: Long
Stock: Short
Magazine: Quick Eject
Sights: Reflex (Circle)
Muzzle: None

– Tactical Powerful Hunting Rifle (Gun Nut Rank 1)

Receiver: Powerful
Barrel: Long Light
Stock: Full
Magazine: Large
Sights: Reflex (Circle)
Muzzle: None

– Marksman’s Calibrated Powerful Hunting Rifle (Gun Nut Rank 2)

Receiver: Calibrated Powerful
Barrel: Long Ported
Stock: Marksman’s
Magazine: Medium Quick Eject
Sights: Reflex (Circle)
Muzzle: Brake

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46 thoughts on “Weapons of the Wasteland: Hunting Rifle – A Fallout 4 Weapon Customization/Mods Guide!

  1. TehManBEarPiG says:

    A right handed shooter firing a lefty bolt-action rifle should be getting more ‘bolt bite’ than they’re showing here..

    Why can’t they hire on the guys that did New Vegas?

  2. brensmiles619 says:

    my "Multi-Purpose Rifle" calibrated-powerful receiver, short light barrel, quick eject mag, medium scope, marksman stock, and suppressor, gose perfect with some of my perks, 1 shot kills on super-mutants in sneak mood!! ☺

  3. TheZoonder says:

    Where is .50 cal receiver? I use .50, marksmans stock, long light, no muzzle or suppressor and green dot. If i have only gun nut lvl 2 i stick with the top .308 receiver and no muzzle.

  4. YungOni says:

    thanks for putting the info in the description for I don't have unlimited internet and I have currently run out so I can't watch the video so thanks for putting it in the description

  5. TheValiantBob says:

    Things I've heard (but haven't personally tested) that change how many shots you get in VATS:
    Magazine – larger magazine gives less shots in VATS, quick eject gives more, a large quick eject are nuetral
    Stock – having one in general makes you have less shots in VATS
    Overall weight – higher weight means less shots in VATS, less weight means more, kinda self explanatory
    Receiver – "light" receivers give you more shots while "heavy" receivers give you less

    Like I said, this is just what I've heard without testing it for myself, but it seems like it makes sense.

  6. Yabbamann says:

    Lighter Weight is good because a lighter weapon will aim down the sights faster. I know this is true because it was a hint shown in one of the loading screens. Lightened armour also adds 2 AP. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Kos4Evr says:

    At 3:05 You say that you don't know why anyone would choose to use the light receiver. I am also confused about that but I seem to recall hearing some where that heavier guns and heavier parts use up more action points in Vats. Thus Light Receivers with Light barrels would be used in VATS to get additional shots before running out of actions points. I have not tested this, mind you but I thought it might be worth a mention.

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