Monster Hunter World | Insect Glaive Tutorial

The complete Insect Glaive tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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50 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Insect Glaive Tutorial

  1. Neon Creeper says:

    I only recently got into IG but I end a triple y/🔺 with a vault y/🔺 for that mount chance at a mount and it seems to do pretty good damage, is this a good move or does it take away damage?

  2. Cassia L says:

    This was sooo sooo helpful thank you. I chose the Insect Glaive as my main weapon on a whim but now I love it so much. It's such an original weapon and I like the mobility!

  3. Celebithil says:

    I needed something fresh after using Charge Blade for a very long time. LBG was okay but didn't feel right. I tried IG and was immediatly into it! DB have cool moves but in the end it felt boring. IG really feels like something new and I guess it's a little bit because of the kinsect. Like always this tutorial helped me a lot because I never touched IG in any other MonHun game before. Thanks a lot ^^!

  4. Evictus says:

    Hi! I am still new in mhw and just recently got into high rank quest. I have been playing and learning different weapons and insect glaive is one of my favorite. My issue with insect glaive doesn't give me that joy of having enormous burst damage just like a hammer or gs would do. So far it seems i can handle my survivability pretty well.

    My question, for me to maximize its dps output, what would be the best kinsect for me to nurture?

  5. Dalton Crowley says:

    I just recently started using the insect glaive and I like it. When it came to armor, I focused on stamina and speed as I mainly focus on DPS and status so i went with Airborne for air attacks, stamina surge for fast stamina Regen when I'm on the ground, Constitution for when I'm in the air attacking and attack boost for extra attack

  6. fearzila says:

    Two things which are peripherally addressed but are important enough to highlight are that the air dodges do not provide I-frames and that in fights like Xeno'jiva it can be fully worth waiting out falls and then using those chaining air attacks to avoid touching hot floor while maintaining damage or even climbing it while it's taking flight to smack it back down very quickly.

  7. Praetor918 says:

    I just started playing this game yesterday. I don't even know how to call or make my insect do anything. On top of that I'm using both Keyboard+Mouse, and also my Nintendo Switch controller sometimes too. Everything is so damn confusing 🙁

  8. Jonni_Darko says:

    Pressing backwards + Circle during infinite combo or after one Circle input will leap you a distance backwards while facing the same direction, handy for repositioning as your infinite combo takes you slightly forward with each attack.

  9. Jordan Stolp says:

    I’ve only recently discovered the insect glaive and since the aerial attacks are so fun, and so safe, and also the entire reason I’m using the weapon, I’m going to ignore your advice to stay on the ground unless the monster is toppled.

  10. DasherVIP says:

    Quick tips:
    -Sending and recalling kinsects quickly regenerates their stamina
    -You can grab orange buff more easily by sending the kinsect above the monster and then send it downwards.

    (Ill add more tips if i can think of more)

  11. KatastropheTRΛP says:

    Been playing MH since Tri on the Wii, and if you showed me footage of what the Insect glaive could do then and told me it was from a Monster Hunter game, I frankly wouldn't believe it. The freedom of movement it allows for is astounding once you get it down. The combat feels so fluid, and it's awesome to be a melee fighter yet still be able to chase a flying monster into the air and bring it back down for everyone to fight. My new favorite weapon by far, sorry Dual Swords, I'll remember you fondly.

  12. HatterAndHare says:

    I don't know if this has changed since this video was made, but I've been using the triple triangle circle combo for my infinite, the circle move is the strongest attack , you can tilt your movement stick back during circle to reposition too, and triangle will shorten the animation of the circle move slightly.

  13. vitriolicAmaranth says:

    I wasn't paying full attention, but I think you missed something almost every IG tutorial does, which is that the airdash DOES have iframes. I wasn't positive if it was iframes or just janky hitboxes after i noticed it many times, so I tried it on some roars, and you can dash through roars (and therefore obviously any other attack that you can pass through the hitbox of within your iframes) with it. It's also an objectively safer way to attempt to dodge roars in particular, since if you fail the timing, instead of being locked into covering your ears (for potentially even longer if you had been on the ground and iframed just the first part of a roar), you just drop to the ground- Annoying, but less likely to get you hit by a followup.

  14. JimmyTheGoblin says:

    I've been playing only for about 12 hours and i have a problem, whenever i send my kinsect out i shieth my weapon automatically, i think this is because the "weapon special ability" is also the "sheath weapon" keybind. Is there something i'm missing? i've been looking at the hotkeys for a lot now and haven't found anything 🙁 i mean it has worked so far but its kind of annoying that i always have to sheath for sendin the kinsekt. help!!

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